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  1. Doing something similar in my GF8 WRX with an STM32 aswell. If youre okay with it, would be very keen to have a look through the code you've used. Do you have a github?
  2. Still waiting on the coilx to arrive from the US. Should be here in the next couple days.
  3. wow don't know how we missed what sort of signal is actually from the coil, thankyou so much. Reluctant to rip into the dizzy so did some research on that CoilX device. Looks like a pretty decent chip, ordered one so we'll see how it goes.
  4. yep thats the one, although the 3 pins only have 2 wires plugged in. We've got it running quite well using optical/hall setting and triggering when the gnd side of the coil is pulled low by the amp (lots of filtering required). Took it for a drive up and down the road and managed to do a quick fuel tune (attached) to keep AFR between 12 and 15. Improvements to the idle quality, power and economy are noticeable already. However for the first minute of start up the rpm reported by the ecu is really unstable or '0'. I think the pull up on the atom isn't raising the signal fast enough to count as a negative edge so ill try fit a ~1k to the negative of the coil and see if that helps. What are your thoughts? Worst case scenario we retrofit a trigger wheel and a proper reluctance sensor (ie raid the wrx parts bin ). 3.9 V8 Fuel G4+ Atom.pclr
  5. That's interesting, yeah sounds similar but I'm pretty sure I can't piggy back the current reluctor as landrover have something called an "amplifier" inside the dizzy which acts as an ign box and switches GND to the coil. I've actually managed to get it running by setting the trigger type to optical/hall and turning on pull ups and setting trigger to falling edge. This means when the coil is pulled low by the amplifier I get a trigger pulse. It is really unstable and rpm fluctuates between ~700 and over 50k lol.
  6. Have done a bit more searching, I originally connected the trigger 1 input to the factory trigger wire which goes to the negative side of the coil. As I only need engine speed (as we're doing fuel only) is this even possible to be used to trigger the link? The dizzy has a two wire reluctor type sensor which is used to somehow provide ground to the coil when it needs to fire.
  7. Awesome info, thanks everyone. Update and another quick question: We picked up an atom, have wired it up and it's talking to the PC. All sensors are reporting reasonable values. We're having trouble with triggering, there's 0 rpm reported in pc link while cranking so it's not firing the injectors. Theres some sort of trigger wheel in the dizzy with a speed sensor. It's wired to trigger 1. I've set it up as a multi tooth, reluctor, with 8 teeth. Are there any other settings I'd need to change to get it to trigger?
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. Checked the distributor and there is an 8 tooth chopper wheel in there which should be ideal for our purposes. The current ignition coil only takes power and ground, there's no igniter just a set of points in the dizzy. At this stage we would be just be looking at fuel/idle control as that is where the factory ecu really falls short, a decent trigger wheel and ignition control may come later. Will sufficient idle control be able to be achieved with just the fuel and idle valve being controlled? We'll fit a MAP sensor to and the current stepper idle control will have to be deleted. As this is on a budget, do you guys recommend any particular OEM produced MAP sensors or 2/3-wire IAC solenoids that we can find at the wreckers?
  9. Hi everyone We have a couple offroad 4wd trucks fitted with the Landrover 3.9 injected V8. We run into constant issues with high idle speed, rich running, cold starts and very poor fuel economy, all of which are difficult to diagnose in the field without proprietary Landrover diagnostics equipment. The factory ecu controls the injectors in 2 batches, one for each bank of 4 cylinders using a number of input sensors (which have a habit of failing) and separate narrow band O2 sensor in each manifold for feedback. We are considering the idea of fitting an Atom to control idle speed and fuel only (with the potential to move from the distributor to wasted spark ignition in the future). A few queries: Can an Atom be customised to control the injectors in the factory manner? (ie batch fire on each bank rather than alternating cylinders like reccomended in the help file). Each injector loom has a resistance of only 4.5 ohms, if we wire 2 inj drives to each bank will this draw too much current? Will the existing engine speed trigger from the dizzy be sufficient for the g4+ to do fuel only? If anyone has encountered other potential difficulties with this installation, your comments would be appreciated. More info about the existing landrover system can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucas_14CUX
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