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  1. shane110

    JZX110 Kurofune start up

    hi is your facebook blackwing garage? if so i liked your page my name is shane mooney
  2. shane110

    limiter setting for 1jz

    hi has anyone a good limiter setting for 1jz vvti mine at the minute is a very flat sound, im looking for a sharp limiter il attach my map file if anyone can see whats wrong with it thanks fully mapped jzx.pclr
  3. shane110

    JZX110 Kurofune start up

    hi i am running a kurofune in my jzx110 i might be able to help with some issues id say main one tou will have is the temp sensor does not like being shared with link and stock ecu so you will have to run a 100 water neck which has 2 sensor slots i tapped out the 100 dash temp sensor and fittes another temp sensor just for the link as when shared it was doing crazy limp stuff due to temps
  4. shane110

    rev limiter

    thanks will give this a bash
  5. shane110

    rev limiter

    Or is there any reason I would be getting a splutter sound rather than a crisp limiter looked at the scope on triggers and seem very clean without any interfearance , could admin check out my figures ?
  6. shane110

    rev limiter

    hi i was wondering could anyone set up my rev limiter properly here if i sent my map file it's a 1jz vvti on stock coils , want to keep the same rpm limit just dont want that crackly crap sound , want a fast sharp limiter please and thanks fully mapped jzx (3).pclr
  7. shane110

    Altezza Trust turbo fuel gauge not respon

    Was your isssue tho just dropping fuel in 1/4 increments maybe mine is at the same you just don't notice untill it's at the last 1/4 because it runs out them
  8. shane110

    Altezza Trust turbo fuel gauge not respon

    Mine works fine untill it gets to a 1/4 tank then doesn't read untill the reserve light comes on , all other dash things working fine
  9. shane110

    Altezza Trust turbo fuel gauge not respon

    What was the altezza fuel gauge issue ? I have a jzx110 pretty much same tank set up and all. Have a kurofune on hks harness and seems the gauge gets to 1/4 tank and won't read any lower does the car need to see injectors ect for Messure the last bit in these cars. ?