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  1. When I put on a ignition cut it gave shit loads of bangs and I got the spikes in rpm , when I put on a fuel cut it’s made that horrible flat sound but no spikes , the triggers are back to the stock ecu also and it’s back on ignition cut and iv got a normal limiter now 3C78B1B8-49C7-4301-92A6-8389A8BEF171.MOV
  2. shane110

    Toyota fan control

    Worked a treat your a legend thanks
  3. *ITS FIXED * firmware update on the kurofune i now get a normal sounding limiter thank god
  4. ok this is filter level 1 and threshold to 2v at 7k this is 7600rpm limiter hit , seems to have no spikes and then below is when i took the triggers away from the stock ecu and just let the link see them , filter level 1.llg
  5. I could always run the triggers direct to the kurofune , only thing I would have to do is the fuel pump control for cranking off kurofune ? I will take another scope with above changes later
  6. shane110

    Toyota fan control

    My fans on my jzx110 have there own control until there is just 1 small signal wire going to the fans I was wondering can my link control this unit and how would I set it up , is it a pwm ? Here is a picture of the unit
  7. I will increase the threshold more to see if the spikes in rpm will clear out , as I was decreasing it higher in the rpm range . Would any of you guys have a 1jzvvti map I could try some of your limiter settings on it .
  8. this is it changed to hall does it look better ? i noticed my trigger offset is 206 degrees and 2 other friends cars with 1jzvvti is 205 can this play havoc off a degree ? also do i need to lower the trigger arming threshold at higher rpm or increase it ?
  9. Ok I will give it a bash tomorrow and see , here is what it sounds like also for yous , listen to last part of video 9FAF5873-6254-4119-871A-CD82FDD5007E.MOV
  10. hi having these issues a while now , car jzx110 1jzvvti , link kurofune , on hks adopter harness , my rpm limiter is set to 7600 rpm by my tuner when i hit this car just has a flat sound , it seems if i pull it back to 7000 it actually sounds like a normal limiter , iv logged it at 7k and 7600 and when at 7600 the rpm spikes to 66k rpm then to 30k i find no matter what i do in the limiter settings nothing seems to make it sound any different , i have lowered the trigger arming threshold and still the same , also put my dwell angle to 1.8ms il post my map file and log and scope trace at the 7600rpm see if anything looks out of place to you guys , thanks 65000rpm log.llg jzx 1.8 dwell change.pclr
  11. hi is your facebook blackwing garage? if so i liked your page my name is shane mooney
  12. hi has anyone a good limiter setting for 1jz vvti mine at the minute is a very flat sound, im looking for a sharp limiter il attach my map file if anyone can see whats wrong with it thanks fully mapped jzx.pclr
  13. hi i am running a kurofune in my jzx110 i might be able to help with some issues id say main one tou will have is the temp sensor does not like being shared with link and stock ecu so you will have to run a 100 water neck which has 2 sensor slots i tapped out the 100 dash temp sensor and fittes another temp sensor just for the link as when shared it was doing crazy limp stuff due to temps
  14. shane110

    rev limiter

    thanks will give this a bash
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