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  1. TimmyD

    Interpolate Extrapolate and Smooth.

    I was waiting for someone else to respond, but in my experience, tuning my fuel table I couldn't have predicted any of the cell values, I believe you need to 'access' each and every cell to do it properly.
  2. TimmyD

    Boost trace log

    Take a log and capture these parameters (assuming you're running closed loop), it makes analysing and tweaking a piece of cake!
  3. TimmyD

    Covert llg file to csv?

    Did you mean this...
  4. TimmyD

    Flat Shift

    Ah yes, agreed, that looks good, hope you didn't mind me commenting... Tim
  5. TimmyD

    Flat Shift

    Something else might be worth a look... the boost control looks a bit odd? As the RPM increases, the boost control goes from stage 1 to stage 2.... but not stage 3, it reverts back to stage 1 causing the boost to drop off. Wouldn't you want to maintain boost as far as possible?
  6. TimmyD

    Launch Control Fuel table

    Thank you Simon.
  7. TimmyD

    Launch Control Fuel table

    Hi, please can someone advise on Launch Control Fuel table? The help file says: "This table is provided to inject extra fuel during launch control based on two engine parameters" Do the cells in Launch Control Fuel table mean % addition of fuel? Does a value of 0 in the table means no change? I guess you'd only want to add fuel to table at 100% throttle? Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. TimmyD

    Engine rpm doesn't increase above 7000 rpm

    Out of interest, I just looked at my Target Lambda (as it was tuned by a professional tuner, I'm not experienced in this area!!) and mine is 0.79 agreeing with Brad's recommendations.
  9. TimmyD

    Engine rpm doesn't increase above 7000 rpm

    Here's my theory! I think you've reached the MAP limit. I expect car revs beyond 7000 rpm when not under load (ie MAP limit not reached) Also noticed the knock threshold is exceeded (albeit at lower rpm, so not the cause of this problem).
  10. TimmyD

    Deactivation Timeout

    Thanks Adam, I will amend to 0.5 s as you suggest. Cheers Tim
  11. TimmyD

    Deactivation Timeout

    I have a turbo dynamics query... Please could someone advise what I would use Deactivation Timeout for? It is currently set to 2 seconds on my ECU, hence it adds a 2 second delay when returning to Stage 1 (from Stage 2). I don't understand why a delay is needed at all? The car is a Subaru Impreza (EJ257). Thanks in advance....
  12. TimmyD

    Knock Control G4+

    Hi Rob, Interesting... In that case, I'm out of my depth, I will leave you in the hands of those who know... Couple of final thoughts... You can log to ECU at 100 Hz, that might show peaks that are 'missed' by laptop logging? You can use Knk Ign Trym Cylx to show where timing has been pulled. I'll keep watching this post out of interest though............
  13. TimmyD

    Knock Control G4+

    Hi Rob, Firstly, my experience is limited to my own car only... but I was puzzled why you were only logging/showing knk level for 2 cylinders? I understand wasted spark, but surely you need to monitor cylinders 2 and 4 to set the gains in the same way as you have for 1 and 3? Otherwise these may be exceeding your threshold and causing timing to be pulled?
  14. TimmyD

    Knock Control G4+

    Do you definitely only have knock detection enabled on 1 and 3? Could you post a map and log file...
  15. TimmyD

    Knock Control G4+

    I also have an EJ25 with forged pistons etc... I found that my engine 'background noise' was too 'noisy' to have a threshold of only +20%. I also noticed a momentary increase in noise during the transition from 'on throttle' to 'off throttle' (clearly heard on det cans and visible in screenshot attached). Cold running also produced different noises to hot running (due to forged pistons I guess?), not that I was driving it hard when cold! When inducing controlled knock to test my setup, I could easily detect knock whilst not giving false knock detection. See attached for threshold vs cylinder noise that worked for me. Note, where the threshold is exceeded, throttle is 0%, so knock system is inactive and timing is not pulled. Not sure if that helps!