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  1. TimmyD

    Knock Control G4+

    Hi Rob, Interesting... In that case, I'm out of my depth, I will leave you in the hands of those who know... Couple of final thoughts... You can log to ECU at 100 Hz, that might show peaks that are 'missed' by laptop logging? You can use Knk Ign Trym Cylx to show where timing has been pulled. I'll keep watching this post out of interest though............
  2. TimmyD

    Knock Control G4+

    Hi Rob, Firstly, my experience is limited to my own car only... but I was puzzled why you were only logging/showing knk level for 2 cylinders? I understand wasted spark, but surely you need to monitor cylinders 2 and 4 to set the gains in the same way as you have for 1 and 3? Otherwise these may be exceeding your threshold and causing timing to be pulled?
  3. TimmyD

    Knock Control G4+

    Do you definitely only have knock detection enabled on 1 and 3? Could you post a map and log file...
  4. TimmyD

    Knock Control G4+

    I also have an EJ25 with forged pistons etc... I found that my engine 'background noise' was too 'noisy' to have a threshold of only +20%. I also noticed a momentary increase in noise during the transition from 'on throttle' to 'off throttle' (clearly heard on det cans and visible in screenshot attached). Cold running also produced different noises to hot running (due to forged pistons I guess?), not that I was driving it hard when cold! When inducing controlled knock to test my setup, I could easily detect knock whilst not giving false knock detection. See attached for threshold vs cylinder noise that worked for me. Note, where the threshold is exceeded, throttle is 0%, so knock system is inactive and timing is not pulled. Not sure if that helps!
  5. TimmyD

    Wheel speed issue

    I agree with Brad, the ECU doesn't appear to have knowledge of the wheel speed (assuming your laptop logged every parameter?), so that suggests that the cluster is getting CAN data directly and not from the ECU I think. Can you get to the cluster to see what's connected (maybe?)
  6. TimmyD

    Subaru knock problem

    For what it's worth, I wrote up my experience of setting up knock control on my Impreza STI 2007. It's all based on the Link help files... I believe what I have done is correct (comments welcome!) Feel free to have a look at the attached word doc... BTW, I found the sound levels of each cylinder to be quite 'noisy', so had to have a fairly large headroom in threshold to prevent false knock detection. Knock Setup.docx
  7. TimmyD

    Subaru knock problem

    Just an idea... Perhaps you could try logging to ECU at 100 Hz, only logging the relevant parameters at this rate though. Might help to understand whether the PC just can't display/log data fast enough (as Adam was suggesting)?
  8. TimmyD

    Subaru knock problem

    Hi, I only skimmed through this post, apologies if you've already fixed this...
  9. TimmyD

    Knock control and Motorsport settings

    Thanks Adam, you've answered all my questions - amazing tech support as always.... :-)
  10. TimmyD

    Knock control and Motorsport settings

    Thank you for the fast response Adam. Just to check I understand you correctly: 1. FFS... set "RPM High Lockout" for knock control to a value just below the RPM that I'd change gear? 2. if antilag is active when TP is 30%, set "TP Low Lockout" in Knock Setup to be, say 31%? Re your advice on antilag, thank you, I have it set to give around 70 kpa at most when off throttle, so still have some vacuum for brakes. Turbo lag is reduced, but I guess it's not what you'd call 'proper antilag' ? I don't have an EGT sensor, so am cautious of overdoing it!! Would appreciate your comments on this one? Thanks
  11. Hi - please could I have some guidence on knock control with motorsport options... (would you ever use both together?) I have setup knock control, which I have verified works perfectly. I also have Launch Control and can see from "Knk System Status" copied here: 0 = Active 1 = Lockout - RPM Low 2 = Lockout - RPM High 3 = Lockout - TP Low 4 = Lockout - TP Delta 5 = Lockout < 500 RPM 6 = Err: DI Feedback 7 = Startup Lockout 8 = OFF 9 = OFF: DI5 Pullup. 10 = Lockout - Launch Control that knock control is disabled during Launch, which makes sense due to the increased sound levels that would otherwise cause false knock detection. But what about Flat Foot Shifting, would you not want knock control disabled for the duration of this? And finally, although setup quite conservatively, Anti Lag. I set this up thinking that it would be beneficial for short sprints and hill climbs (no more than 1 mile!). It's currently setup to reduce lag, rather than create lots of low down power. Any tips welcome, I'm no expert! Thanks
  12. TimmyD

    CAN BUS Output configuration question

    I found this an interesting thread as I have been working on an MBED version of what Markus describes. I send 7 frames (one after the other) with an identifier in the first byte of the stream and another identifier at the end, which enables me to resync if corruption occurs. It doesn't cater for corruption in the middle of my data stream, which so far I've not resolved. Apart from using an oscilloscope to check the signal integrity, I'm not sure what to do? I had wondered about splitting my stream into smaller messages and use multiple IDs. Any ideas welcome?
  13. TimmyD

    PCLink Crashes While Logging

    Interesting, I have been through this process to hone mine too. I also found that PC log files grow in file size very quickly if you log all ECU parameters. Instead, I found that logging only what you need results in much smaller files (and faster laptop operation). Do you have internal ECU logging configured, that might be a way to retrieve your 90 minutes worth of data? In my opinion, it's a good thing to have set up and running anyway. Just make sure the ECU is logging the parameters in your mixture map filters (eg ECT, Overrun Fuel Cut, TP...). I had great results using this method. As for your original question, I'm afraid I don't know :-( I guess you've searched for *.llg ?
  14. TimmyD

    CAN Lambda Error 54 Excess pump current

    Clint, Thanks for your advice, the new Lambda sensor did the trick, Lambda is spot on again! Great service from BHP too.
  15. TimmyD

    CAN Lambda Error 54 Excess pump current

    Thanks very much for the speedy response, I will try that. The sensor is only a couple of years old, but I do a lot of short trips, so I guess it's running rich a lot of the time!