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  1. CAN Lambda Error 54 Excess pump current

    Clint, Thanks for your advice, the new Lambda sensor did the trick, Lambda is spot on again! Great service from BHP too.
  2. CAN Lambda Error 54 Excess pump current

    Thanks very much for the speedy response, I will try that. The sensor is only a couple of years old, but I do a lot of short trips, so I guess it's running rich a lot of the time!
  3. Hi, please could I have some help, I have a Closed Loop CAN Lambda on my Subaru Impreza, but have run into a problem. I now see "CAN Lambda Error 54 Excess pump current" and the Lambda goes to 10.119 shortly after starting. Not sure if this is an error I have somehow introduced as I have been looking into CAN streams and adding a custom dash. So far, I have only configured a CAN stream on CAN Module 2, at ID 1300, believing that this would have no interaction with CAN Lambda Module 1 at ID 950. I have not got as far as connecting anything to the ECU as yet. I have since loaded a previous know good tune but the problem persists. The CAN status is all good (green) in PC Link, see pictures below... Help?
  4. Hi Tiago, interesting, it looks like after the throttle blip, the idle rpm is above the idle control range, so never recovers. Perhaps you could try adding Idle Ignition Control? I've modified your .pclr file and attached it. I think this will bring the idle rpm back within control, but I'm sure you'll have to experiment with the settings! 5a50b36525517_SubaruTypeRAV6_IdleIgnition.pclr
  5. Regarding your item 2 - When I start the engine (hot) the idle stay at 900 rpm but if I depress the accelerator it's going to 1500 and stay around this value... Could you post a log file that includes the 'good idle' ie before you blip the throttle? This might show what the cause is (maybe!)?
  6. mixture map filter

    This confused me too, so this is my interpretation... The above represents one cell (divided into 100), the green bit extends 50% towards the cell edge, hence in this example, it is 50%. Based on this, a value of, say 10% would be more stringent and get more precise results.
  7. Missfire on idle

    Hi, I have been looking into this as I spent a lot of time refining my idle control. I'm not an expert, but here's some comments for consideration: 1. The idle ignition table has an ignition timing of 8 degrees at zero idle error. I think this should match the main ignition timing table of 12 degrees at idle rpm. This is to give a smooth transition between the two tables. 2. The fuel table has 14.0% in the top left block, is this for the purpose of diagnosing this fault (it looks unusual). 3. At the point in the datalog that you mentioned (8.40.525) the idle rpm drops before the lambda goes lean. Does this suggest that the lambda 'glitch' is a result of some other event (or engine load) rather than the cause of it?
  8. ''Laggy'' software

    At last, my graphics issues are fixed, despite having latest geforce drivers, it was the windows setting for text scaling, it needs to be 100%, not 125%.
  9. Knock count not incrementing

    Humble apologies, you are spot on, can't believe I missed that! Great tech support as always, thank Adam.
  10. Knock count not incrementing

    Adam, I may have answered my own question? Maybe I was outside of TP Low Lockout, It doesn't appear this way, but it's very close! I expect there's a small amount of latency with PC logging. Does this sound feasible?
  11. Knock count not incrementing

    I appear to be running, please see attached...
  12. Knock count not incrementing

    Hi, please could I have some assistance with interpreting the log file extract shown below (I tried to attach the actual log file but it exceeded max file size). I don't understand why the knock count didn't increment when the knock level exceeded the knock threshold.
  13. ''Laggy'' software

    Just to chime in, I have an Asus GL552V laptop and have a slightly different graphics issues, I will attach a screen dump. It's more an annoyance than a show stopper. I tried the latest graphics drivers a while ago and it made no improvement. I never got to the bottom of this problem, hoping that sooner or later a driver update would fix it!
  14. Fuel Trim table 4 missing

    Excellent tech support as always, thank you. I hadn't got as far as programming ECU as I wanted to be 100% happy with what I was setting up, hence the reason for seeking your advice... As you probably guessed, I'm not an experienced tuner, so apologies if my query was a daft one!
  15. Fuel Trim table 4 missing

    David, yes that's correct, I was seeking to monitor the fuel correction on my closed loop lambda setup (out of interest and to lean about it!). Thanks for the tip. Probably my inexperience, but I had assumed that the fuel trim tables were populated by the ECU as the CLL system made fuelling corrections. I'm still unsure why I couldn't add the fuel trim table for cylinder 4 though.