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  1. Wire in AEM gauges/sensors

    Fuel pressure - 4401-09831 Oil Pressure - 30-0301 AFR - 4100-70683 I just got off the phone with AEM and they said that some of there gauges do not have analog negative output and just the analog positive can be hooked up on those ones. Is that safe? Does that sound right? I dont want to fry anything.
  2. Wire in AEM gauges/sensors

    So I got the expansion harnesses and Im a bit confused. For the aem gauges, Fuel pressure and Wideband have analog 5V out but no analog ground, however the oil pressure has analog 5v out and analog ground. How do i go about wiring in the fuel pressure and wideband to the expansion harnesses?
  3. Change fuel injector size

    Is there an easy way i can change the fuel injector size on my G4 for GTT? Id rather not bother my tuner if i dont have to. The car is tuned on 550cc injectors right now and i upgraded to DW1000 injectors, i just want to be able to move the car around the shop/on off the trailer until i go get it tuned.
  4. Wire in AEM gauges/sensors

    Oh, i see, thank you.
  5. Wire in AEM gauges/sensors

    AEM Oil Press, fuel press, and wideband.
  6. Wire in AEM gauges/sensors

    I have a link g4+ for skyline GTT, I would like to wire in my AEM gauges/sensors. However I'm unsure where the AUX negative from the sensor needs to be pinned in to the ecu. The AUX 5V positive from the sensor needs to be pinned into a AUX on the ECU ( pin 104, 106, 107, 111, 117, 118, 5, 11, 13, or 17) correct? Also why are some AUX pins duplicate on the ecu? (AUX 1,5) sorry for my incompetence, i'm new to this.