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  1. Hi, I have a project with 1ZR engine. I would like to know about Valvematic System. And Link Fury can control it or not? Regards,
  2. The Trig2 signal use Inlet Cam or Exhust Cam? RH or LH? Regards,
  3. Thanks for reply. But this throttle autuator not same normal E-throttle. It have 9wires connect to throttle autuator and 6wires connect to TPS sensor. I don't understand E-throttle this type. Please halp. Regards,
  4. Dear Technical Support, I installing Link Thunder to BMW S65 engine but I have problem about DBW system. I would like to know how to setup The Link Thunder control throttle actuator of this engine. Regard,
  5. Yes sir, The s65 uses 4 solenoids. But I not sure The Cam&Crank Pattern is same as the S85 or not. I have checked S65 Cam&Crank pattern. Crank: 60-2 teeth. Cam IN: 6 teeth EX: 6 teeth.
  6. Dear Technical Support, I have project BMW S65 V8 engine. I interest Link Thunder ECU and I would like to know about Triger Mode for this engine. Link ECU have Trigger Mode for this engine or not? And support 4Vanos of this engine or not? Regard,
  7. Please let me know how to fix it. Thank you.
  8. I installed Link Fury about 2 month, before no have any problem but now found fault code 84. How to fix this issue?
  9. Dear Technical Support Team, I installed Link Fury to Suzuki Swift ZC32S M16 engine. Now i have VVT control issue, The VVT position not move follow VVT target. I setup and calibrate already and i think it completed because i not found any error in VVT status and VVT error counter winfow. Please help for fix it. Thank you.
  10. This switch is 2wire 100%. And it is resistive type. In picture you will see cable 4wires from switch but 2wires is illuminater and 2wires is switch control. Thank you every body.
  11. Hi Yes i have 2 digital inputs brake switch and wheel speed already. My switch like your picture.
  12. Dear Technical Support Team, I would like to install cruise control system with original switch of Suzuki Swift(ZC32S). The ZC32S's switch is 2 wire style. I know how this switch is work but i do not know how to install with Link Fury. Please let me know how to wiring input and setting input for Link Fury. Now E-throttle system is completed. Please advise. Thank you
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