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  1. Thanks,Adam. Will a Hall-sensor give a good and steady trigger signal with this trigger wheel or do you recommend the 60-2 tooth solution at the rear of the crank shaft often used on I5-engines? My engine and gearbox etc are already in the car, ready to fire up, but if you recommend so I will remove whats needed to install a 60-2 setup.
  2. Thank you. Been trying to find a good parts catalog but none of them are clear on what sensor is mounted. I find both types of sensors at the crank, included the one I have; VW 074 906 433. Seems there are different distances between the five pick up "holes". See picture. What confuses me is the ViPec seems to pick up a signal since the trigger status goes green when cranking. Wanted to test the signal with "Trigger scope" but a message popped up,telling my V88 didn't support it - are there differences between the units? Got the latest firmware installed. Edit: Seems the VW/Audi AEL-engine uses a reluctor sensor and the Volvo D5252T (wich is based on the same engine) uses a Hall sensor.... Possible to adjust the relictor sensors treshold/sensitivity in the ECU-settings?
  3. Hi,Adam. Thanks for replying. The camshaft position (hall) sensor is located in the distributor and gives one signal/round. The 5 teeth are evenly spread and I also thinks this looks more like a Hall sensor system. I do get a signal when looking at the computer screen though (goes green when cranking). The engine is a VW/Audi 5 cyl 2.5 (diesel block) but Volvo also uses these engines and thats were mine come from. I'm not sure this is the correct sensor but it was given to me from the shop that did the machine work on the engine.
  4. Hi. Anyone got the complete trigger setup for an Audi S2 2.5 (diesel block) running ViPec V88? Crankshaft sensor is triggered by a 5 tooth "wheel" on the crankshaft and it seems I have a reluctor sensor.
  5. The std 2.2 litre 3B engine gets the signal from the flywheel. The 2.5 litre gets the signal from this plate on the crank shaft. See picture. Trigger settings are now set to "Audi 135 teeth" - doesn't look correct but if change it then I loose the trigger #2 signal....!? This should be camshaft signal,why would that go missing? Any better options? See other pictures.
  6. I do not know for sure - it's a Audi block but came from a Volvo. Since I get a reading in the computer I also assumed I would get a spark/rpm-signal but I may very well be wrong. Any idea what setting I should use?
  7. Hi. Just installed a 2.5 tall block (diesel block) with a ABY head and 3B distributor from wich I get the camshaft signal. Previous 2.2 litre engine was running the same distributor but the crankshaft sensor is now from the diesel block. Both crankshaft sensors have two wires so I assume they are reluctor sensors. Problem is I can't get any RPM-signal or spark. I have signal from both camshaft and crank sensors (goes green on Vi-Pec Engine management when cranking) and I haven't changed anything I belive should affect ignition setup. I'm not 100% sure about wiring on the crank shaft sensor - would I still read a signal if the two wires are switched? Any ideas?
  8. The PC shows the ECU is connected, but VTS can't find it. May this be caused by software version or would VTS told me so? Been trying to change COM-ports and detecting is set to "auto".
  9. Hi. Just purchased a Audi S2 (3B-engine) which has a V88 installed. I don't know which software it's running and I would like to check the ECU for error codes. I downloaded the VTS from the home page but once downloaded it says i-VTS and I can't find the V88 in the menu. What firmware do I install to access the V88 and how do I know which software the ECU's running...? I don't have the unit in front of me now so don't have the serial number. May the wrong firmware/software **** up the ECU? Have not connected to ECU yet. May also mention that the reason for checking for error codes is the tachometer stopped working and I belive engine began to run "unevenly". Don't know if it's related or just a coincidence but better safe than sorry. Thank you for answering.
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