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  1. Hey guys, I own a 92 FD3S that was previously a shop car at RE Amemiya (a rotary tuning company in Chiba, Japan.). My plan is to use the car for circuit, road racing and hill climb events as well as just being a general hobby to keep me busy. The modifications on the car prior to its import to NZ were quite basic with just the AC037 / AC987 body conversion (yep those are 993 head lights and C5 tail lights!), rear wing and Aragosta adjustable coil-overs. Since picking it up i have added the following Willwood forged superlight 4 pot calipers and 2 piece 325mm disksProject MU rear rotorsFamspeed titanium exhaustTE37SLs + AD08RsWorks bell rapifix + Nardi Deep CornT3 pillowball toe linksSuper Now Swaybar clamps + mountsRacing Beat SwaybarsRacing Beat front Swaybar bracePillowball swaybar linksAluminium ASTEnd of September i am kicking off the single turbo conversion along with a few other upgrades to make it more track capable, all the following is sitting ready to go! Link G4+ PNP (slightly modified for more ANV)Borg Warner 8374 .92 IWG with Aluminium CHRA347SS investment cast manifold + Inconel heat shield3.5" 304SS downpipeGreddy VMount intercooler kit850cc primary + 1400cc secondary injectorsBosch 044 + Surge (factory FP will act as a lift pump)AEM Wideband + Coolant T + Oil P + BoostLink 3 bar map + IAT + Oil T + Fuel PCusco RS 1.5 way lsdSolid engine and diff mountsCarbonic clutchPair of Racetech RT4009WHR bucket seatsGFB Fuel RegPart Shop Max RearThe plan is to tune the car myself, so far have been working my way through the HPAcademy EFI Tuning Fundamentals and Practical Standalone courses along with the Link ECU manual. This will be the 1st car i have tuned and so am approaching it cautiously, ill document my success / failure here. I have 3 months to do the build (i am hoping to get to REUnion, a big rotary event in New Zealand.
  2. Awesome results! Do you also own a red S1 rx7? If so epic car man, great work on the details. What turbo did you used on the fd?
  3. Thanks Dave, ill throw a post in the project cars section. Tracking changes would a great feature for novice tuners like myself who have have bad memories! Totally understand why the source cannot be shared, thought it couldnt hurt to ask though Great thanks for adding me, if there is anything i can do to help let me know.
  4. Hi guys, I am working on setting up my first turbo car build, working in the software industry has given me a passion for understanding every component and how it work when approaching my build. I am running through several courses through HP Academy and have been doing my own maintenance and modifications on my cars for ~ 10 years. I am hoping to try and tune this car myself once the turbo + fuel modifications are complete (13b+BW EFR build). Something i would love to do is store the ECU config in a version control git repository so i can track what changes i have made and log their effects, to do this effectively i would need to be able to save the ECU config in a human readable format, something like JSON or XML. Is this something you would consider adding support for? i would be willing to add this support if you were willing to share the PCLink source code but i understand why you might not want to do this Thanks!! Troy Edit: attached is a pic of the car
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