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  1. Adam Dear LINK staff PCLink G4 V5.6.7.3630 English / Japanese Thank you for taking action with the new firmware. I updated to the latest firmware and confirmed that the engine works well. I am sincerely grateful.
  2. Thank you. I look forward to the next update.
  3. If you have checked various data, I noticed something strange. Is the internal data full?
  4. Hello Has there been any progress? Please tell me the status of the survey.
  5. tada0finalist Adamw   Thank you. Attached file I deleted it because it was various embarrassing data.
  6. 返信Adamwをありがとう 今すぐファイルを添付します。 ファイルを確認してください。
  7. This post is from Japan using Google Translate. The startability at cold start was bad and adjustment was made, The idle speed control gain tables have 0 degrees The value changes with key ON. Is this a software issue? https://youtu.be/9VNOJl6RzlA The red circle changes to video 1:48 seconds.
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