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  1. So either way, its best to check manually at which dc value the particular valve closes max and min to determine the value for the idle base. Does the altezza g4+ ecu has rev matching function? I'll do few more test and update soon.
  2. Well Simon. I tried to open up the throttle plate at hot idle, zeroing the ibp table, fan step and steering step. My car doesn't hold the idle at 500 or 600 rpm and the lowest I can hold is 700rpm +. Even though i got that, my ibp table needs some very low dc steps to reach target. Example from 30dc@80°c to 15dc. Another thing I found out is the isc valve doesn't have any adjustment screw to maintain the dc to 50( as i read someone wrote in their post) to maintain a good idle. Do we really need the dc to be maintained more than 40 at any point of time during idle? What is the lowest value we can go to maintain proper idle and not stalling during coasting or braking to stop?
  3. Sure ill try that maybe at 500 to 600 rpm. Ill get back to you once I get my results. Thanks Simon. Oh on another note, by altering the butterfly opening the ibp table values from 70,80 and 90 will need to be adjusted too if im right?
  4. Yes I have, my rpm lockout is at 1500, map at 60 and speed lockout at 2kph. I have a rough idea now about the set up. Let me check the butterfly valve as how far it is open. What you suggest for the opening, a tp of 1%?
  5. So in this case is it safe to say that the min clamp be set 10% lower than the min idp like in the setting menu? Or the setting will depend with the type of idle valve used? I have intermittent engine stall after old start up let say around 70 °c. This happens when i press the brake slowing down depressing the clutch.
  6. Yes Simon im aware of that. But can you give me a situation if the min clamp is not set properly? Im having 29 dc as my lowest settings in IBP table and a 10% for min clamp. Should the min clamp number be the same as when i lower the dc steps, the valve stays half closed for example?
  7. Hi Adam, for the min clamp setting, should I minus 10% from the lowest idle base numbers or maintain it same as the idle base numbers? Can it be set at the value when the valve is fully closed?
  8. Hi guys, can anyone confirm if the Bosch 3 wire icv is a solenoid or stepper motor type? I read a few post and some term it as a solenoid and some call it stepper. For the max clamp and min clamp settings, how do we set it? According to help file, they are 2 method mentioned, eg. Max value is the highest idle base plus all idle up values and on another page it says that it should be set 10% more than the highest idle base value. Same goes to min clamp, the help file says should be 10% less than the lowest idle base value and on the setup procedure it was mentioned we should enter the lowest value as in the idle base. Any idea anyone?
  9. Thanks Adam. I have emailed you my logs and pclr. There are few things I need clarification on the settings. Is it normal to enter -ve values in the cells lower than 100°C? Mine was set with -ve values starting from 40°C.
  10. Hi, In the modelled fuel mood, the iat fuel correction is not used due to ecu uses the gas law calculation hence using the charge temp table. Do i need to turn off the iat ignition trim table too? I noticed it was turned on. Regards, Ragu
  11. I had this car tuned 2 years back but im surprised many of the tables and settings were overlooked which can contribute to much more refined driving experience if done well. I'll check on the main fuel table and try again setting in closed loop.
  12. I tried to increase the ignition timing and fuel at the idle columns and it does stablize a bit. I'll try to do some trial during thw weekends and ill update. Thanks for the heads up JMP.
  13. idle setting.docxAfter reading the help file for open loop and closed loop idle, I gave it a try to tune again on open loop from start disabling the ignition idle control. When i start from a cold engine adjusting the idle base, I get unstable idling as it moves up and down constantly with error of between 150 to 250 rpm. this becomes more obvious when the engine reach the 80 degrees C. The idle gets back to normal after I turn on the ignition idle control in open loop. How can I overcome this in order to tune it correctly and move to closed loop tuning. My settings on my car are as below: SARD fuel injector 530cc part no. 63516, deadtime 1.10 ms Fuel pressure set at 40 psi Bosch 3 wire solenoid isc idle setting.docx
  14. Thank you Leiden for your input. Learning how to tune the Link ecu has been so far challenging but surely a time well spent. Im supprised to see that so many tables like the Idle ignition timing, charge temp approx and some other minor settings have been overlooked by the tuner before. Reading the help file really gets you to check everything that your vehicle needs. Hi Sheik, hope it solved your problem for good. I had another issue I just found out that regarding the open loop idle that simply winds up and down when I turn off the idle ignition timing. Any thoughts how you manage to tune your idle?
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