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  1. R24


    Thanks Adam. I have emailed you my logs and pclr. There are few things I need clarification on the settings. Is it normal to enter -ve values in the cells lower than 100°C? Mine was set with -ve values starting from 40°C.
  2. R24


    Hi, In the modelled fuel mood, the iat fuel correction is not used due to ecu uses the gas law calculation hence using the charge temp table. Do i need to turn off the iat ignition trim table too? I noticed it was turned on. Regards, Ragu
  3. R24

    Idle setting for open loop and closed lopp

    I had this car tuned 2 years back but im surprised many of the tables and settings were overlooked which can contribute to much more refined driving experience if done well. I'll check on the main fuel table and try again setting in closed loop.
  4. R24

    Idle setting for open loop and closed lopp

    I tried to increase the ignition timing and fuel at the idle columns and it does stablize a bit. I'll try to do some trial during thw weekends and ill update. Thanks for the heads up JMP.
  5. idle setting.docxAfter reading the help file for open loop and closed loop idle, I gave it a try to tune again on open loop from start disabling the ignition idle control. When i start from a cold engine adjusting the idle base, I get unstable idling as it moves up and down constantly with error of between 150 to 250 rpm. this becomes more obvious when the engine reach the 80 degrees C. The idle gets back to normal after I turn on the ignition idle control in open loop. How can I overcome this in order to tune it correctly and move to closed loop tuning. My settings on my car are as below: SARD fuel injector 530cc part no. 63516, deadtime 1.10 ms Fuel pressure set at 40 psi Bosch 3 wire solenoid isc idle setting.docx
  6. R24

    Overrun fuel cut and ignition retard

    Thank you Leiden for your input. Learning how to tune the Link ecu has been so far challenging but surely a time well spent. Im supprised to see that so many tables like the Idle ignition timing, charge temp approx and some other minor settings have been overlooked by the tuner before. Reading the help file really gets you to check everything that your vehicle needs. Hi Sheik, hope it solved your problem for good. I had another issue I just found out that regarding the open loop idle that simply winds up and down when I turn off the idle ignition timing. Any thoughts how you manage to tune your idle?
  7. Hi, im new to using Link ECU as I bought my car from someone else. The ecu was already installed by the previous owner and tuned. After reading the help files, I found out that many of the setting tables are not looked into or not tuned right for example- Charge temp approx, overrun fuel cut, closed loop lambda to name a few. I have few questions: 1. my overrun fuel cut settings shows torque reduction is 0.52s and ignition retard is 0. The help file says : Ignition Retard To help smooth the transition as the fuel cut turns on and off, the ECU will progressively retard the ignition timing prior to cutting fuel. The ignition timing will then be progressively advanced back to normal after the fuel has been restored. Changing the Ignition Retard adjusts the full amount of ignition retard the ECU will use. The amount of time taken to introduce and remove the ignition retard is controlled by the Torque Reduction/Introduction Time setting. The minimum rate of change for the ignition trim is 5 degrees per second. Is this a correct setting or the ignition retard should have some value on it? 2. What is the best way to tune the Charge approximation table?
  8. R24

    Anti Theft set up for Altezza

    Hi, I bought my altezza which the previous owner has already tuned it with Link G4+ ecu. Recently while trying to get a spare key done, I found out that the car can be started without the transponder chip being installed in the key. I bet that the original immobilizer has been deactivated during the ecu installation and engine replacement from auto to manual by the previous owner. How do I set up the anti theft function that comes with the Link ecu?
  9. R24

    Layout settings and display

    Hi Dave, sorry earlier I was trying to load the layout file i was using before this one was created. I will send you the layout file later. But still with this new layout you get all those red highlights and the analog gauge dont work. If you see the coolant temperature gauge, i right clicked and when into manual setting to adjust the colour and it worked. Can i know why it doesn't exactly follow the settings made with the laptop? The engine speed curve gauge settings doesn't have the x1000rpm increment, need to manually adjusted. Please advise. Ragupathy
  10. R24

    Layout settings and display

    I saved and stored the new map. Then I turned the key off. Only noticed the Layout was gone the next day on. I created the layout below on my laptop, but when I try to upload to the PC in my car It doesn't load. Mylayout1.llf
  11. R24

    Layout settings and display

    Hi , I have a problem with the layout selection recently. Yesterday I was trying on a new Map settings and everything was fine with my customized layout info display. After getting back to the previous Map, the mini computer in my car started as normal but it Displayed the Link Help page. As usual thinking this would be a power recycling issue for the computer, I checked all the necessary settings on the Preferences , exited the menu, saved and stored. When I click on the icon to start the Link application, the original Layout I set earlier was gone. I tried to Load the Layout I saved but could not be done and there is an error message saying it could not be loaded. What is the issue with this? An attempt to set a layout on the laptop and connecting to the ECU and storing it there doesn't work either, as most of the info display such as the gauge view has a red background and the needles don't work.
  12. R24

    Fuel Consumption and ECU tuning

    Hi Adam, thank you for the feedback. Regarding the fuel table tuning, what are the main points you see that is not so right? I will input this to the tuner as I believe that was the best he can do for the moment. Will turning off the CLL(close loop lambda-if im correct) improve a bit the fuel consumption? For the AC step, Im not so sure as I got this car installed with Link G4+ when i bought it over from the previous owner. Is they any way to check for that? Or will any competent tuner will be able to check on the ECU and car? Best Regards, Ragupathy
  13. R24

    Fuel Consumption and ECU tuning

    I will try to adjust the value and monitor if there is improvement. Will update the results here after I get the info.
  14. R24

    Fuel Consumption and ECU tuning

    Hi Adam, Here is the base map. Best Regards, Ragupathy Ragu Tezza Base_RNR_230_0.8bar_APS set_v3 ron95smoothen_VVT_idle5.pclr I did a log while driving but its too large to paste it here (10.5MB) after compressed. Can I email you instead?