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  1. thanks so tomorrow after work i'll try experimenting bit more with the overrun fuel cut off for now. any suggestions about tidying things up then, or examples please? as a starting point i suppose from what youve mentioned so far : switch off fuel overrun cut for now activate anti lag from much lower throttle %? 1% and 2500ish rpm? populate anti lag ignition cut table (though to be honest i'm not completely sure where to start here)
  2. ah does that apply even if i have that 1 second delay on the overrun fuel cut? or do i need to keep it off entirely? thanks i will research in to what kind of settings to switch on the ignition cut table then. wouldn't have any examples from other subarus would ya? to be honest i'm not sure if i'm activating it properly i do know that anti lag+ launch control seems to work(both enabled via di8), in terms of building boost for me from a stop as in that instance i'd have my throttle at 100%. what would be a typical tp activation % for anti lag? would i put it right down to 1% for example? my main use case for a driving scenario would be to maintain boost through gear shifts and to have boost for launches but not necessarily to always be in boost as not racing. i hear ya with the dangers on road, have noticed that weakened braking, though i do have a one way valve in the brake booster which should help somewhat in thsi respect. i don't really use this switch often, and to be honest perhaps now i'm just looking to seek more of the 'showy' side of things from this in terms of noises / pops / flames (childish, i know )
  3. Hi team, I'm sure this must be a popular question here but i need a bit of help please to set up a bit more aggressive 'sounding' anti lag. have seen various examples locally where they have pops/bangs etc. functionally i have anti lag and launch control set up on a switch as attached, if need to split them for more effectiveness then i can forgo my high/low boost switch and separate the anti lag and launch control to those two switches if that is recommended. have attached my PCLR file, i have experimented with even switching off overrun fuel cut however don't seem to experience any pops during driving (not even mild ones) though with overrun cut off, i do get some pops while anti lag is active but only while car is stationary and i'm stomping around with acc pedal. i have straight through turbo back 3" exhaust, id1010x injectors, aftermarket turbo (hybrid based on td05) on my 2001 subaru sti (jdm ej207). ecu is link g4+ wrxlink plugin. would appreciate any suggestions / help on the matter Regards 01sti29-04-18.pclr
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