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  1. gc8h4t

    Road tune AFR

    I think what you're looking for is a function called auto tune (f10 key in pc link) When i got my ecu i put in my target table and went for a drive using auto tune thinking it'll all work out But for auto tune to work you got to stay in the cell for a few seconds and thats nearly impossible to do with every cell What i did after was logging while driving then use the mixture map to get closer to target map, while this helped but i find going back to the log and manually changing the cells is better. I've got my ecu for 3 months now and that's my method, there's probably a better method that someone can post up so we can both learn
  2. gc8h4t

    Help with ignition map

    hi Dave thank you for your replies ive attached my pcl and a recent log late.pclr Log 2017-03-10 8;14;23 pm.llg
  3. hi please check my log and help me set me knock target table, i dont know if my settings are right but this is what im getting from the log thank you Log 2017-03-4 4;41;01 pm.llg
  4. Ive got a 97wrx v3/4 ecu, ive set my frequency to 6khz and with 2 gain channel, when logging i only see cylinder knock levels around 10-60. When i set gain channel to 40 im getting cylinder knock level of 10-20 at idle and 60 when shutting off throttle from 30% at 3000rpm Im trying to do the steps as scott posted but im way off. Any ideas if what im doing wrong? Please help Thank you.
  5. gc8h4t

    Help with ignition map

    hi Dave, thank you for the reply The afr im running around that mark is 11.5, fuel is shell 98 octane, sparkplug im using is bkr6, at the moment the iat is sitting before turbo inlet where the afm used to be(until i get a front mount, then it will be just before the tb) Also I've been searching through the forum and found that i might have my knock control incorrectly setup, my knock target values are all at 0. How do i find the correct target values? what timing is everyone running on an almost stock wrx? The base map seems to be very high? This is all new to me and any help is much appreciated.
  6. Hi im currently running a v3 wrx with upgrade exhaust and top mount Im currently running 7-11 degree at 100-120kpa 2600-3600rpm While i feel like this is very low timing the ecu is still picking up knock, i got my knock frequency set to 6khz narrow band with gain of 1 Anyone got a timing map with similar mods please advice Thank you
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