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  1. thanks but that ID2000's data are for 400kpa of base fuel pressure.. I'm searching some for 350kpa of base fuel pressure
  2. I've already saw that table for the Dead Time, but, is only for 8/10/12/14/16 volts. I'm taking the 50psi data, but on the Link configuration there are more values for the battery voltage.. Start from 6Volts to 15Volts. For the Short Pulse I can't find anything also.
  3. Hi, Can someone help me to find some data sheets for my ID2000 or someone has a screenshot of the configuration for those injectors? Thanks
  4. you know what are the options for the GR/GV chassis?
  5. Hi, is avaiable a Link G4+ Pnp for 2014 Impreza STi ?
  6. i've send an email for more infos and prices. i'm waiting for the reply :)
  7. How is possible to wire the DBW system in G4+ for GTR?
  8. There are others motors that I can use for keep the OEM Multiplies Throttle Bodies?
  9. Hi, Is possible to run DBW on a GTRLink? I'll want to run a DBW Setup on ITBs so I'm going to install a BMW M3 E46 DBW Actuator.
  10. BCNR33Zed

    Launch problems

    what do you think about a proper Launch configuration for an R33 gtr high powered?
  11. Hi guys, Can someone help me to configurate the Knock control with the standard R33 GTR Knock sensors?
  12. Yeah, my idea was that. The first map for normal use, with overrun fuel cut activated, the second map for have fun with overrun fuel cut deactivated and 4d fuel table and 4d ign table for modify the areas without load for make some bangs and flames when release the throttle.
  13. Hi guys, Is there any function to activate or deactivate the Overrun Fuel Cut with a Digital Input or a Virtual Aux?
  14. BCNR33Zed

    Launch problems

    Try this. I've modified your Launch control setup without touching the Launch fuel. flandrsMap_FZMod.pclr
  15. I don't know if I have that sensor. i'm configuring speed sources and gear detection for control boost pressure on each gear, launch control, etc..
  16. Okay thanks. So for the Accelleration source I can choose Non driven or Driven and is the same, right? I'm trying to configure the gear ratio tables.
  17. Hi guys, how can I configure my speed source on my r33 GTR? Is AWD, so, phisically don't have a NON driven wheel.
  18. Okay, I will try. thanks for the help
  19. Is needed to activate the Hard Cut function?
  20. bump, can someone help me?
  21. hi guys, can someone help me with the RPM limit configuration? I was liking my old rev limiter on my old Apexi Power FC ECU (bang, pops and flames). This rev limit configurated in my Link G4+ now is really soft.. I'll want something more aggresive with some bangs etc. I'm using this: RPM Limit set at 8300 RPM Ign%Cut mode, Advanced mode ON, Hard limit OFF, Cut effect Adaptive, Limit Ctrl Range 200rpm, Hard Limit Activation 0rpm End cut 50%, Start Cut (TP100) 60%, Start cut (TP Low) 30%, TP Low 15%TP, Exit decay 1% 20ms, Limit Ignition Trim -7° If someone can Help me I'll post the pcl file. I'm trying to configure also the Launch control for build some boost and do some bangs
  22. Hi guys, i've a problem with my IDLE. I've the OEM IACV and AAC valve fitted, but I can't control the IDLE from the ECU. Is there any configuration to do for the ISC Solenoid? In the Help section, the ISC Solenoid is AUX INJ7 but don't work. Is configured as a "Closed loop Sol/Stepper" and "Unipolar 6 Terminal" but is only two wires. Can I solve this or I need to adjust the idle manually?
  23. I already have two XS Looms. i don't know if my GTR has a clutch switch. So if I don't have a clutch switch is possibile to activate the Launch control from the Vehicle Speed ? for the map switch I need also a DI ?
  24. Hi. I've recently bought a Link G4+ for my R33 GTR. can you help me with the wiring of the XS LOOM? i want to wire this functions: - launch control - flat foot shift - map switch (i want to do two different maps for a two fuels) - wideband AFR (i've an AEM UEGO gauge) thanks, Francesco
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