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  1. Vaughan

    Power feed for Monsoon

    You can use a 1 or 2 wire idle controller from a different vehicle or you can use just ignition idle with the throttle always slightly cracked. The Storm, Xtreme, Fury and plugins all have stepper control on Aux5-8 but the Monsoon and Atom do not.
  2. Parameter tab on the left hand side, Batt Voltage Runtime, change the low and high, soft and hard warning values repeat for oil pressure runtime
  3. Vaughan

    Rev hang?

    attach a copy of your basemap and a log of the idle hang please
  4. Vaughan

    Reading boost pressure

    The units shown can be kPa or psi, switched between by pressing the U key. If you just want a runtime displaying the pressure in bar then you can use a math block to display a converted value. 1 bar is 100kPa.
  5. Vaughan

    Power feed for Monsoon

    for powering a monsoon the +14V input should be an ignition switched supply. There are a couple of diagrams on how to wire hold power in the help manual but the general idea is the ecu is powered up the ignition switch input and then turns on one of it's auxiliaries which controls a relay that also powers the ECU (often with a diode in the ignition switch wire to prevent the relay from back feeding the rest of the car) so that when the ignition switch is turned off the ECU is held on by that output controlled relay. There should be no need for ECU hold power when using a monsoon though as a monsoon cannot control a stepper motor.
  6. Vaughan

    G4X PC Link issue

    I can't seem to replicate that myself, do you have a more detailed list of steps I can run through to try and replicate that issue?
  7. Vaughan

    G4X PC Link issue

    right click on table, select reverse load axis (about 2/3rds of the way down)
  8. Make sure your Lambda 1 source is set to Link CAN
  9. Just a thought, when sending that aux signal through teh RC circuit through the dash are you sending it through the wires which used to go to the gearbox sensor or through the factory speed input into the ECU wires? In my Stagea the speed wires to the dash run the length of the gearbox and go in to a plug in he engine bay then through the body loom to the dash, a modified version of this signal is then sent from the speedo across the car t the ECU as a speed input for the ECU. This means that there are two speed wires for the dash cluster, one in and one out (+ the signal grounds of course).
  10. To control the dash you need to cut the wires going from the gearbox sensor and feed the gearbox sensor end into a DI and signal ground on the ECU and the other end needs to be hooked up to the RC circuit/aux setup and a signal ground, the speed input into the ECU is a modified signal from the dash and you cannot drive the dash using the ecu speed input wires. I've recently pulled apart a lot of my stagea wiring and this is how I found mine to be laid out, grey plug ECU but I don't see why they would have changed it
  11. have you calibrated the timing? Triggers -> Calibrate -> Set Base Timing crank engine with a timing light attached and adjust the offset value until the angle measured with the timing light matches the angle the ignition is locked to. Also might be worth increasing the master fuel number a little if it still doesn't start once you've calibrated the ignition.
  12. Number of teeth and tooth offset values are set when you calibrate the vvt and due to G4X being set up a little different to G4+ we don't have close approximations of the factory CAM positions for all motors yet. The way things are displayed was changed around several times so I will update the help to match how it is now. If you've got some factory cam angles you want to share I can update the basemap, of course we would always recommend calibrating them to suit the particular engine regardless. Thanks
  13. your trigger 2 is wrong and it won't start and run until it sees the correct pattern, should look like this. Both trigger pullups should be on
  14. Vaughan

    G4X CAN IO

    Most functions still need an output set to function properly as without the use of the output runtime you often don't have the data you want to transmit. The way to do it is to set a virtual aux as the output and transmit it's state. In terms of PWM there aren't currently virtual outputs that can do PWM but there are plans to add some virtual PWM outputs which will have an associated frequency and Duty Cycle runtime.
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