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  1. Vaughan

    IAT -40

    attach a copy of your basemap and a log please
  2. Vaughan

    Close Loop Problem

    Your closed loop Lambda Gain Table is all zeros, try something like the attached image
  3. OBD2 functionality is coming in 6.18 which is expected to be released by 21 August
  4. Vaughan

    RPM Loss/Blank Time

    looks like you are losing the Trigger 1 signal, I would recommend checking the wiring on your trigger plug going into the distributor, I've had issues in the past with the wires going into that plug failing.
  5. The current release and prior have only off and openloop statuses when using open loop boost control, this has already been improved to have the lockouts also displayed in open loop boost control and will be in the next release (should be available soon). they are percentage multipliers, e.g. 40% in the table and and ect value of 50% will result in 40*(1+(0.01*50)) = 40*1.5 = 60% (as per the help manual, target trims are offsets and wastegate DC trims are percentage multipliers). I can't see any reason why it wasn't giving you a duty cycle but I am looking at much newer code which will have had multiple improvements and fixes made to it . I would strongly recommend updating to the newest PCLink and firmware available.
  6. Vaughan

    Trig1 signal

    out of curiosity could you please share a picture of the warning saying the engine is rotating in the wrong direction?
  7. Would you be able to get a specific scope of the trigger pattern you are after? I've had a look through some of our old maps and found that we were using a generic multi/missing pattern 36-2 with 1 cam sync) in our old seadoo basemaps, this matches the pictures shown in the attached forum link. The G4X handles changes in engine speed a lot better then G4+ we have had several customers running motorcycle engines well on G4X with similar speed variations. Seadoo CAN Mode will be implemented but not quite sure when.
  8. Vaughan

    G4X PCLink 6.17.22

    This will be fixed in the next release
  9. Vaughan

    180sx limiter issue

    First up you are running very lean based on your Lambda 1 reading and it looks like it is missing at around 5000 rpm on the full throttle log as the lambda oscillates between ~1.2 and ~0.8. I would start by fixing your fueling as unless the lambda cal is wrong it looks like it could be causing problems.
  10. From having a quick look at the schematic it looks like ign 4 is controlling both condenser fan 1 relay and condenser fan 2 relay
  11. Input latch makes it work like a momentary switch (press and release will make it active, press and release again will make it inactive). Pullup resistor on/off turns the pullup resistor on or off, if one side of the clutch switch is cround and the other is the DI pin you will need the pullup on. On level high/low sets whether the clutch switch is active when the DI pin is at ground (low) or above the threshhold voltage (>~1.5V, High). active edge can be ignored, it is used for more complicated functions.
  12. Vaughan

    G4+ to G4X

    to use a virtual aux as a gp output go to Auxiliary Outputs > GP Output, select an available gp output and set its 'Output' to the virtual aux you want to use. can you attach a copy of your basemap to show what you've done for the CAN stuff please
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