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  1. Link G4 RB25 NEO GTTLink. The DI is supposed to be used for Ethanol content though correct?
  2. Ive used up my normal analog inputs on my XS loom and I wanted to see if I can use the digital inputs for my oil pressure with a standard oil pressure sender? I'm not hugely familiar with the DI's and want to make sure this is possible. Thanks in advance
  3. Check out the Winbook TW series tablets, they are under $200 and come with a full size USB.
  4. Where do I access the "ECU Settings" drop down menu? Found it on the Link video thank you!!
  5. Hey guys sorry if this is a dumb question but I can't findo where the drop down menu is for selecting the new map sensor. Where in pclink do I select "map sensor selection" ? Can't find it for the life of me. Thanks a ton. GTT Link G4 rb25neo
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