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  1. Did try another Box yesterday. Car start directly. I open the Box and find out that one thing is broken. It has get so warm that it has a big hole inside. Will order this today and hope that nothing moore is broken. The Guy that sold it to me told me he didnt know. Haha
  2. If you are using e85 you are pretty close I think, Take down 3-5 degrees if it possible and you are pretty safe I think on high rpm. set it in the dunk and you will see. its cheaper than a engine ;P
  3. Hi guys and girls. I am new to the forum today and hope someone can help me whit a problem a have. We got a Link G4 storm whit no spark that are a couple of years old. We never us it before and we buy it use. Everything if working as it should but we got no spark on channel 1. We are using a Bosch 124 igniter to a Bosch coil. The car is a Volvo 940 whit b230 that we have made an "Plug and play" adapter. I have used Link for many gears and never had one problem once before. On rising i only get 7 volt. on falling it don't come down as it should and stops around 0.3 voltage. We got no spark but the spark system is really god. Its works whit the old ecu. (Bosch). Someone have this problem before?=)
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