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    Boost creeping

    Cheers for that , sorry yeah it's a rb20det with usual mods and a few trick stuff with journal bearing t3/t4 38mm wastegate got up to 406hp atw but clutch couldn't handle it so backed if off to 380hp, didn't over boost up in till the new flywheel and clutch maybe was still slipping slightly while they dynod it I'm not sure , yeah I have checked over everything pipes etc everything is good , I think will get in touch with the tuner and may upgrade the wastegate in case like u say not fully opening or too small before it goes back in Cheers
  2. Jkr33

    Boost creeping

    Hi, got my car tuned at a performance shop was running mint roughly tuned to 15.5psi on the dyno only because clutch couldn't handle anymore , I ended up putting a good clutch and light weight flywheel on it ,now seems to be boost creeping up to about 20psi , just wondering if that would be contributing to the issue or could it be something else , I'm going to take it back for a re tune just wondering if anyone else has come across similar issues Cheers
  3. Jkr33

    Wiring question

    Thanks much appreciated, Could a aftermarket stepper series tacho signal wire be wired straight to the corresponding ecu pin on the Gtr link Cheers
  4. Jkr33

    Wiring question

    Thanks for that, Yeah the car we are working on doesn't have a factory boost solenoid fitted has been removed ,so the boost solenoid labeled Aux X can be connected straight to ecu wire pin #25 on the r32 gtst And the 12v wire on solenoid to 12v power supply, so back to the internal map sensor no changes apply other than the vacuum pipe running into the ecu no other changes are necessary Thanks
  5. Jkr33

    Wiring question

    Hi , I have just purchased a g4+ plug-in for my r33- what has a rb20det in it with a r32 ecu, I'm just wanting to clarify a couple of things (sorry newbie questions) So WG solenoid is for the electronic boost solenoid? On Auxiliary Outputs /Aux 8 is WG solinoid and on the instructions says to wire up to Aux X so is it correct to wire into #25 ecu pinout , in order to use the boost solenoid on the r32 gtst With the IAT sensor and using Expansion Connecter #1 I can use either one of the two Temperature sensor inputs ? (As long as noteing which one is used) is that correct One last thing about using internal map sensor, so the Expansion connecter is used in the wire up of the internal map sensor? and either of the two Analog 0-5v input can be used as long as it is noted as which one is used , and is that wired into (other connections) on the ecu pinout diagram +2 on right hand side on the ecu pinout Thanks a lot in advance
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