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  1. Typ17 16vg60

    Injector Timing

    Hello all, I test it with a aem position-switch (12point) and set different injector timing angel from 360 to 480° btdc. On my car I make the experience, that by normal drive (hold the speed) it likes more the earlyer end 480° maybe more. I don't test it to this moment, but it goes there richer from lambda 0.99 down to 0.96. At boost it is not so a big different from lambda but the engine knocking more then under boost with 480° then 370° btdc. At idle it likes more the area near the 420° Testing under more boost is not possible to this time, I changed over winter the compression ratio from 8.8:1 to 9.3:1 It is so hard to looking for knocking with my background noises... With a saver ignition angle goes my egt to high. To get a answer to adamw, I have with 980cc bosch a duty cycle from almost 38,5% by a boost from 80kpa (mgp) and a air per cyl estimated (g/cycle) 0.85 Grettings Benny
  2. Typ17 16vg60

    Injector Timing

    hi all only for memory, richer afr by earlier injector timing ( closer to 360°) have more effience. the correction are made by ve table .. anybody experience with timing under load? up to 140kpa (MGP) benny
  3. I try it too with the accel option, but then goes my real accel fuel lean, so it was not a option for me Greetings Benny
  4. Hi, I got the same doing, goes rich when I close the throttle. I test it with a table where go minus injection by tps delta but not really helpful.. I'm interesting too for this doing Greetings Benny
  5. Typ17 16vg60

    VE table

    Thank you very much! The main thing I understand, but with the different pressure I was confused. Adamw thanks again for your example and your time.
  6. Typ17 16vg60

    VE table

    Nobody any meaning?
  7. Typ17 16vg60

    VE table

    Hi all, For understanding, when I got a value 90 at 200kpa and 7000rpm And a value 85 at 220kpa and 7000rpm with the same lambda (0.79) Then I have more power with 200kpa? I edit a picture. In higher boost I have less VE Greetings
  8. Hi, The software update works. I forgot to update the ecu, bevor I flash the file Greetings
  9. You can correct it in the offset table By my it was not so much, driven and compare it, correct it.. Some people talk about the groundwire position, is it on the motor or Batterie or inside...
  10. Thanks for checking! I test it the new software, but I cant connect the laptop with the ecu. I forgot the error what there standing (was a number) I try it the next days again and give feedback. Thanks Adamw
  11. next try to upload it properly meiner 16vt forum.pclr Log 2018-08-18 6;32;41 pm.llg Trigger Scope Log 2018-08-18 6;50;19 pm.llg
  12. Hi again, Anyone time for looking the map/log for fails? Adamw, you meaning anything to my trigger signal? Greetings
  13. Hallo, Is it enough information, or musst I drive a another situation? Greetings
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