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  1. Link Thunder 6 High frequency inputs

    Hi @ all, Little late, but I hope I get a answer. Im this time set my extreme black in my car, a actually ask are, can I set the turbo speed (efr 6758 turbo) to an Di-in directly? I mean the sensor 5v measuring wire coming from the speed sensor. I now I have an 12blade compressor wheel.. Maybe anybody can help me And sry my English is bad Greetings Benny
  2. map switching

    OK thanks for answer I'm new to work with digital in etc And again, very great firm and forum.
  3. map switching

    Hi, Have you test it so? Is it work? I have a g4+ xtreme, I want to install the ecu in winter. So what I can set in the software before, I will do it.. Greetings
  4. Config Bosch 0281002399

    Thanks very much, I compare the values. Exact the same! Thanks for help and sorry for my mistake I had not the actualy software Now it is in my list Very competent forum!
  5. Config Bosch 0281002399

    Thanks for the example, but I don't understand it with all the things and Adresses Via email no problem when anybody want to got it or to make it online.. Greetings The answer, I write it MAP is from 20-250kPa min 20kPa by 0.4V starting to max 250kPa by 4.65V ending! IAT It is from - 40c by 45303ohm to 130c by 89.28ohm I continue to list it detail by time Hope it helps for anyone
  6. Config Bosch 0281002399

    Hi, I have picture from the datasheet, but I don't now to set this online. I'm not so the PC freak. Can anybody help please
  7. Config Bosch 0281002399

    Thanks for the fast answer, great forum! I'm on work (lateshift) when I'm at home I will send the Bosch datasheet. I look on the Standart ntc and the value in the link configuration table there are extreme different ohm at Celsius then my datasheet... Thanks very much for your help!
  8. Config Bosch 0281002399

    Hi @ all, I try to set the temp/map Sensor in my ecu. I got problem with my temp axis, I can not set the temperature to minus. The value jumps to zero under value zero (when I want example - 20grad Celsius). I have a g4+ xtreme. I won't to change the ecu in winter and look for settings bevor I change my old one.. I have the datasheet from the sensor... Maybe anybody can help. Please forgive me for my bad bad English, I'm from Germany. Greetings Benny