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  1. Thanks for reply Adam! Still have issue with ECU setup. I've check fuel pressure and its normal (about 2.4 Bar on idle and 3 Bar if engine stops, also i try to accelerate and it's goes up and down with MAP). As you can see on image if i try to rev engine AFR goes to 22:1. Same thing happend when i switch gear up. No matter acceleration enrichment is ON or OFF. I will be grateful for any help. Base_Modeled_2.pclr Log 2017-05-18 8;12;51 pm.llg
  2. Yes, i tried to change master fuel (reduce it to 4ms and increase to 17ms), but it doesn't affect AFR. As i said only MinEffectivePulseWidth and InjDeadTime affect. I'll try to check fuel pressure. Fuel pump is Tomei replacement for GTT/GTR (as far as i know GTR also has fuel pump speed controller). How i could check configuration for it? P.S. Thanks for replies
  3. Hi I am stuck with initial setup on my ER34. Engine start and run well on reach AFR (10:1) but try to stall if TP inreased (TP delta is aprox 4%, at this moment AFR is about 22:1). Specs: * RB25DET NEO (with stock internals and sensors) * FFP with 80mm throtle * Holset HX35 turbo * Aeromotive FPR * Innovate LC2 * Siemens DEKA 630cc injectors The problem is on injectors setup. I try to use traditional and modeled fuel equation with this injectors but have no result. Almost all params in Fuels Setup doesn't affect AFR on idle. Only MinEffectivePulseWidth and InjDeadTime affect AFR. What i'am doing wrong in my setup? Thank you in advice. P.S. attached pclr with traditional fuel equation. NoAL.pclr Log 2017-04-25 9;14;53 pm.llg
  4. HI. I have a few questions about stock wiring and MAP, IAT and O2 wideband sensors. 1) Could i use aftermarket MAP in place of stock? 2) Could i use stock AFM signal wire at Volt1 as IAT signal with external pull-up? 3) I have Innovate LC-2 installed. Could i use wideband singnal from LC-2 controller on stock ECU input? As i know stock ECU use narrowband signal. WBR.
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