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  1. Hi all im chasing a multi coil diagram for the ls2 multicoils i have to put on my rb30et. i have 2x xs looms, ls2 coils, looms, bracket etc just need to know how to wire them in thanks.
  2. Hi all i need to know if i can run the boost solenoid through my 2x XS Looms on my g4+ vl link and if so how ? Thanks in advance
  3. Excellent work i will contact them now thanks
  4. I purchased a VL Link G4+ brand new inbox off someone that went a different direction and i have since lost their contact so i cant contact their dealer. Any ideas as to what i can do to get an unlock code ??
  5. Thanks for that. I didnt know all that stuff was in there. Dont worry about me frying parts i just need correct answers. Generally everyone starts from somewhere & for me its here If i dont ask & try i dont learn, if i just pay all the time im a quitter. Life 101 The initial dyno tune i wont attempt. Cheers
  6. Thanks for that i have now downloaded the newest software and im looking through it. Ok so i need to buy 1 more xsl loom, will do now. Now i have seen the diagram how do i physically connect it all ?? EG: Theres 4 pins per coil but 1 pin for it on ecu. EG: Wideband LC-2 O2 sensor has 6 pins but 1 pin for it on ecu. EG Air temp sensor/ boost solenoid 2 pins each but 1 pin each for them on ecu. etc Is there any other add ons you would suggest i get whilst im at it ? thankyou
  7. I Just bought a brand new G4+ VLLink / HVLC+ for my manual SL VL Turbo RB30ET and id like to hook up these extras i have purchased : XSL loom, six LS2 coils, LC-2 wide band O2 sensor, boost solenoid, air temps sensor & possibly more. I have looked around and i cant find much at all on doing this. If i could get some advise that would be great. Cheers
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