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  1. azmak

    How to purge control.

    I understand. Thank you very much.
  2. azmak

    How to purge control.

    Please let me know. I'm using the LINK Monsoon G4+. I wanted to connect the VSV to the AUX4 to control the purge. But the VSV didn't work. I used a circuit tester to check the voltage and thought it was fine. When I tried to connect the power detector lamp, it still did not turn on. However, it is normal on a circuit tester. I tried connecting a relay to it, but it didn't work. I also tried the AUX5 and got the same results. Am I doing something wrong? Best regards
  3. I'll give it a try. I am grateful. Thank you very much.
  4. The upper side of the distributor wheel is 4 teeth. The lower side is 24 teeth. The LINK I'm using is monsoon. I did not connect the hose for the MAP sensor in the monsoon. To the manifold. 210cc injector size.
  5. Hello. Monsoon is used for TOYOTA AE86 4A-GEU 16V. The engine is going to start. But it doesn't take. Please let me know if there are any mistakes. The ignition system is a stock distributor. The fuel injection system is stock, but it uses high resistance injectors. This is a 4 throttle specification. Best regards AE86 test.pclr
  6. Hello everyone. I need a base map for TOYOTA AE86 4AG16V. Please help someone.
  7. Hi everyone. Please teach someone. The layout I was making before was taken from "new layout". Then the ECU settings screen can not display anything on the right. Something may have gone wrong with the operation. Does anyone have any experience?
  8. Is the USB cable attached to the LINK ECU unusable? Do I need an RS232 cable?
  9. At first, I connected the PC to "USB ⇒". I connected AIM MXL to "CAN / RS 232". In that case PC ~ LINKECU ~ AIM could not connect at the same time. I connected AIM MXL to "CAN / RS 232". I connected the PC to "CAN 2 / OBD" but could not communicate. Please tell me how to connect properly.
  10. Hello everyone. I am using AIM MXS Strada for the Nissan GTR LINK plug-in. In this case, PC - LINK can not communicate. If you disconnect the CAN connector of MXS Strada, PC - LINK can communicate. This is inconvenient. Is there a solution?
  11. Hello everyone. It is Honda Civic B16 turbo. LINK G4 + MONSOON is used. I need a base map. Ignition method remains as it is. (Distributor ignition method) I am waiting for good news. Thank you very much.
  12. azmak

    Key ON tachometer sweep

    Thank you for your explanations.
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