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  1. Hi, yes you and adamw linked me to that in the last post where I was asking. I have PM'd you with a couple specific questions if that is OK. Gerry
  2. Does anyone have a G4+ thunder map that is running in a Gen 4 LS engine they would be willing to share ? None of the actual timing or fueling would matter, I am more wanting to look at the basic set up info and compare to what we have as we set up. Thanks for any help
  3. Thanks, Not sure how I missed the Holden LS2 in the help, what concerns me with that help file was the LS2 being a "crossover" so to speak . That is to say some were 24 tooth - 1 cam tooth and others were 58 crank-4 cam Our '06 GTO in North America (LS2 Holden) was 24-1 . The 58 and 24 pickups are not interchangeable ( not sure if it is a physical issue or internal) The engine I am looking at is 58-4 and I am just trying to make sure we don't make some rookie mistake Thanks again,
  4. Hello, Looking at the help files under GM Specific Information , the closest I can see is Holden LS1 Is the Trigger set up info available for the GEN 4 ( LS3 , LS7 ) ? 58 tooth crank , 4 x cam , factory GM sensors Thanks for any help
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