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  1. Stu

    MGB direct fire ignition

    Hi all, to do distributorless do I need a cam signal or will a missing teeth crank trigger suffice?
  2. Hi guys, anyone fitted a Link to one of these?
  3. Stu

    Land Rover V8 - injected 3.9

    Thanks Adam. Existing system uses a 6k ohm resistor coming off the neg side of the coil to trigger ECU inj map. I presume to control voltage spike. Should I keep that? Or am I better off ditching the dizzy and just fitting a trigger wheel. Also, I'd be better off with a MAP rather than the existing flap-type MAF right? What other changes would you recommend? Cheers.
  4. Hi guys, anyone fitted a Link to one of these? It only has a two wire reluctor type pulse generator in the distributor for a crank sensor. Looks like the factory ECU picks up a trigger for the fuel map from the igniter module (at the coil negative) - ie no way to identify crank position in relation to number 1. Can this be used for the Link, or will it need a TDC sensor fitted to it? Cheers, Stu
  5. Stu

    Initial set up

    Fantastic, will do, thank you. Thanks Clint, that's bloody decent of you. New motor going in about 2 months from now, might contact you then if that's ok?
  6. Stu

    Initial set up

    Hi again Adamw so to just set up the ignition for now, can I get away with a MAP and crank sensors without a TPS? Any other inputs required? Cheers
  7. Stu

    Initial set up

    awesome, thank you.
  8. Stu

    Initial set up

    Hi guys, the place I bought my Atom from has gone bust so support no longer available. Can the Atom initially be used just for my ignition map and then reprogrammed later to accommodate a fuel map?
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