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  1. Hi CJ,Thank you very much for your input, thank you for reading my log carefully, you are right and very detailed! Forgive my English。 Regards!
  2. Yes, I use Timer 1 to assist in the dashpot of idle,but in the test it was disabled.
  3. Found some new features, and some bugs "closed loop PID E-throttle" ignition timing trim control logic is reversed.
  4. Already tested as you said, but still the same as before。please see log file,thanks! Already tested as you said, but still the same as before。please see log file,thanks!
  5. This issue has not been solved, I have tested new firmware, exactly the same as before!
  6. This issue has not been fixed, I have tested it, exactly the same as before.
  7. Hi Adamw, Have you found a way to solve the issue?
  8. Thank you very much! When will the next update be released?
  9. I have a DBW close loop idle issue,When I gently repeatedly step on the accelerator pedal, the“E throttle ISC CL Trim” add a little value about 2.5%.What kind of control logic is this? This automatically added value adversely affects closed-loop idle speed control. please see log for details, thanks!(This happened file time 0:03.630 and 0:26.654 )
  10. Recommended the "E throttle ISC CL Trim" function be open so that users can free control it
  11. I have the same issue in my 2jzgte stock E throttle,open loop idle control is ok,but go to closed loop the E throttle ISC CL Trim add a little value of no reason,caused idle speed can't fall to target value.vehicle speed signal has been connected and set correctly. This issue has troubled me for a long time.
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