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  1. Has anyone done one of these engines? just trying to confirm if Link can support the factory trigger pattern since its probably not a very popular engine choice. R18A1 - SOHC 4cyl - I-Vtec - DBW Thanks for the help Jon
  2. @Knox you don't need to wire the relay like that, however if you don't follow the diagram above then the ecu cannot provide any safety to disable the throttle body should it fail in any way. example : if for any reason your driving and the DBW faults and gets stuck in the open position you will have to try and quickly turn the car off... if you wire it correctly as above then the Link will shut down the DBW for you. Hope that helps
  3. @sbn1979 on the laptops you tried in device manager what USB controller are you using ( Intel(R) USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller )
  4. Electredge

    PCLink Message

    I tried searching online a bit, but couldn't find any communication issues with any G4x ecu's. Just wanted to see if anyone might know what is happening. Error Message when trying to connect with laptop - Unable to connect to the ECU. Please check that the ECU is properly connected, the power is turned on and the correct COM port has been selected. with the engine not running after manually trying to get it to connect and clicking OK to the above error message a couple times it would then connect and I could make changes, however once the engine was running it would lose connection
  5. I'm not really sure which trigger pattern to choose, I'm attaching a map and a log as well as a trigger scope. Thanks for the help Startup.pclx TriggerScopeLog - better crank.llgx the log is too large for me to add it...
  6. Looking into wiring up an Extreme G4x into an NC Miata, I think its 06-07 but I'd have to confirm tomorrow. Anyone done this before? Anyone know if the OEM CAN bus can maintained? Trying to make sure the ABS, Dash Gauges, etc... will continue functioning. Thanks Jon
  7. 2 knock sensors is pretty normal for any straight 6 cylinder, and you only need to use 2 lambda sensors if you want to be able to adjust fuel per bank, which I don't think you would need to do on that setup but if you want to its easy enough using 2 of the CAN - Lambda controllers
  8. Thanks Adam, I'll look into later this week when I'm back with that car, appreciate the help
  9. any ideas on this error? yes I modified the wiring, but I have tested continuity from pin to pin on the extension and I used the same wiring colors so I could easily diagnose any potential issues... colors even match the sensor colors and pin location thanks for the help CAN wb log error.llgx tune18.pclx
  10. Thanks for the help, some pics of how the wiring turned out 289757C9-D916-4CAB-AA54-593BB5B8964F.heic CD8B60C0-74BE-4AAD-931B-69E81D1CB9E3.heic 7013187D-3233-4766-B760-C805F958EBB1.heic
  11. I recently did an EVO 9 using and AEM 4 channel wideband and logged each cylinders AFR.... the unit isn't too expensive and with a Link I'm sure you could even send the CAN data into it and log directly to the ecu. granted adding 4 bungs to a header/manifold might be a bit on the pricey side but it was good learning experience.
  12. Electredge

    Link CAN Lambda

    Is it better to mount the CAN module inside or outside the car? Thanks *edit* NVM it says to keep it away from heat... so I'm gonna assume inside the car is better.... I should have looked through the instructions more thoroughly before posting
  13. I'm definitely not sure this is correct, but it looks to be 36-1 trigger wheel on the crank and if you popped the valve cover off and confirm the tooth count on the cam it would be fairly easy to setup... assuming the tooth count on the cam is 1. If you find it isn't a tooth count of 1 then perhaps the Mazda 3 trigger settings might work, but I'm sure someone smarter will chime in soon enough. hope that helps
  14. Electredge

    Injector Timing

    I am more familiar with using End of Injection, when I try to use that on a G4x it tells me if I plan to use a Fuel Cut in Seq. mode I should use Start of Injection. Just wanted to understand why that is. Thanks
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