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  1. Gctech

    Hemi 3rd gen

    Hello, can a Fury work with a 2010 6.1 hemi engine and communicate CAN to dash and TCM? I see the triggers on the list but im not sure if CAN will work? thanks
  2. Hello does the plug in versions support direct wideband or do I need a controler to feed 0-5v to the ecu? Is a 98 civiclink system im using thanks
  3. Hello does the plug in versions support direct wideband or do I need a controler to feed 0-5v to the ecu? Is a 98 civiclink system im using thanks
  4. Gctech

    Evo X

    Is there a evo 10 Base map available for fury g4+ system , i dont see evo x triggers available maybe some else tried already crank wheel is a weird on 17-2,16-3 pattern first trigger tooth 10 at aroun 58 tigger angle thanks
  5. Yes is a 2grfe swap mr2 but all AC still MR2 Factory ,in the manual it shows some options to turn off the AC base on load rpm ID duty etc but I can find those options
  6. Hello , Has anyone configured the AC CCS tables on one of these? im missing a few tables from what the manual displays I wonder if is each model has different available maps? system im using is a Fury I have Attached my Calibration File Thanks Base map mk3 v6 ac logic.pclr
  7. Hello Has Link reverse engineer this subaru chasis CAN communication for the dash yet? I want to use a Fury or Link in one build im working on but have not seen any information on a pnp for this particular model. thanks
  8. Gctech

    CAN to AIM MXG dash

    Hello Im trying to setup CAN communication from G4+ Fury to Aim MXG dash , The MXG only supports the old G4 and Vipec systems , I managed to connect using the g4 500k option with in the MXG and setting up CAN2 to 500k generic dash 10hz and id of 1000 as describe in the manual ,data does display but the values are wrong other than RPM, Does the new G4+ still use the same CAN protocol as the old units? thanks Base map mk5.pclr
  9. Hello, The help section suggest aux 1 and aux 2 to setup a 3 wire IAC ,im already using all aux 1 and 2 for VVT functions and only have 8-10 free in which I assigned Aux 8 to ISC solenoid yet i can control Idle at all, which other way can I set up a 3 wire rotational IAC thanks Base map mk4.pclr
  10. Gctech

    RPM limit issue

    I increased the trigger threshold to 6.5 and that seem to do the trick I didnt get any trigger 1 errors anymore, I did the tigger 2 pullup triggerscope you requested thanks 3000RPM PULLUP OFF.llg 3000RPM PULLUP ON.llg
  11. Gctech

    RPM limit issue

    Hello I got this random issue with the rpm Limit which is set to cut at 7500 in the main RPM limit table, when I first do a run it works as it should then I get a ecu RPM LIMIT REACHED error , i reset the error do a second pass and my rpm limit drops to 7000 , again remove the error try again and on the 3rd run it drops even further to 6500. what can be causing this? im guess is something to do with the error as if I turn the car off and on i can hit commanded rev limit, I attached main File and 3 logs thanks Base map mk4.pclr 3rd gear full run 2.llg 3rd gear full run 3 early rpm cut.llg 3rd gear full run 4 early rpm cut 6500.llg
  12. Gctech

    2gr-fe vvt setup

    Hello Adamw Everything is now working correct , the exhaust cams pins were inverted aux 3-4 backwards , I switch them and now cam solenoids are responding correctly. Thanks for all the help!!
  13. Gctech

    2gr-fe vvt setup

    Hello Adamw I tried the new settings and it definitely got rid of the cam errors, but the exhaust cam solenoids still not responding, I try different offsets based on the CamTest options with out luck. thanks Base map mk3 v3.pclr vvt error exhaust cams solenoid.llg
  14. Gctech

    2gr-fe vvt setup

    I attached a tiggerscope also the revised map disconnecting LH cam from D1 and leaving it only in Tigger 2 still experiencing same issues. Thanks for the help Trigger Scope Log 2017-05-15 5;00;25 pm.llg vvt errors log 2.llg Base map mk3 v3.pclr
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