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  1. Just got my can sniffer in the mail. Will start playing around with it after weekend. You could also down grade from abs 8.0 to abs 5.7 from b6 a4 and it will all work. Message me if you are interested in wiring instruction for downgrade to abs 5.7
  2. Hi , I got a CAN sniffing tool on the way. Definitely a bit of a learning curve here . Collecting data is the easy part. Would you land a helping hand in trying to decipher all incoming data ? Im very determined in making this work. Thank you
  3. Is audi tt plug in one of those ecus? Any of this used for torque value in CAN stream for abs ? Thank you
  4. replica-rs4

    Torque managment

    Hi, what is torque managment used for and is it normal for it to revert to off position after power has been cycled to ecu? Thank you
  5. Hi, how would i set up egt on thunder ecu? In pc link i used analog input thermocouple 1 and 2. There is no such selection in real dash inputs. EGT 1 AND EGT 2 dont show any value. Thank you
  6. I see that on audi tt plug in there is an input assigned for MAF signal. Since MAF isnt needed for engine operation, what is it used for?
  7. Whats the CAN ID for torque on mk5 stream?
  8. Hi, Adam. I spent some time playing around with Audi scanning tool , looking thru all the parameters and comparing data received with tt stream vs mk5 stream. with audi tt stream i see following parameters in ABS module from link thunder RPM accelerator position % value torque loss value . not sure where this value is taken from. # does not change torque value in NM missing message link does not see steering rate or steering angle message from abs link receives 4 abs wheel sensors data one error in abs module is impossible message from engine ecu with mk5 stream i see following parameters RPM accelerator position % value torque loss value number does not change torque value is present changes with rpm link thunder receives data from 4 abs wheel sensors, steering angle and steering rate sent from abs module brake lights are always on due to errors 2 errors in abs module are multiple missing messages and ecu communication error or wrong ecu As per our conversation in another thread you have mention that torque value in tt stream is a percentage of all available torque which data is taken from throttle angle percentage. I think audi/vw has changed something around 2006 in ESP data . I think it is same can id now as mk5 stream . How much work would it be to update audi tt stream with torque data sent to same can id as mk5.
  9. Hello, Please update audi tt CAN stream with torque value in nm , steering angle, steering rate . CAN IDs for those messages are the same as mk5 vw stream. This should cover most of 2005+ audi models with ABS 8.0 Thank you
  10. Hi, so i have been playing around some settings and doing more research.Everything points to this should be working in my car. I know of a bex code engine audi a4 that is successfully running a tt plug in ecu. Only thing different on my car is ABS 8.0 vs ABS 5.7 because mine is newer . BEX , AVJ, BFB engines are offered thru the years working with both ABS 5.7 and ABS 8.0 , so im thinking that my issues are maybe somewhere in the set up of my thunder ecu since its a wire in and i have inputs/outputs assigned to different pins i cant use base tt set up file. Where could i find more info on what is being sent over audi tt stream from thunder? I dont need Can ID , just a list of things being sent. Audi tt plugin has few items wired in and not set up in pclink vs my ecu set up. 1. Signal from MAF going to an volt 2. Crash signal to digital input 3. How to set up vss for link from rear abs signal? 4. Is it normal to get error 73 aux9/10 during APS set up? I can erase it after set up is done, but it always comes back during set up. My ABS fault is not communication but rather a signal that is being sent wrong value. Two signal at the moment are of concern . Torque value not shown and different throttle valve angle value between thunder ecu and ABS module. I see 4% on link and 0% on abs side, however i do see change on both sides when accelerator is pressed on. Thank you
  11. One more thing. Throttle valve angle in abs module shows 0 at idle, while thunder shows 3%. I do see change in value when i apply throttle. Not sure if thats some that could upset abs module. thank you
  12. yes all latest firmware . Where in pclink could I see torque output? How could I test stream from thunder for torque signal? thank you
  13. Hi, Adam. Yes , im using audi tt can. Only visible change with mkv can protocol is error codes are displayed thru epc light on mkv protocol. No changes to stuff error between audi tt and mkv. vw gti protocol has a lot more can errors on thunder side. Could torque value be missing because of fuel map set up? I have also tried to recode abs module to different models . Same thing I see all parameters in abs except torque. Upon start of a car abs light goes, but esp light stays on . Few seconds later all warning abs brake lights turn on.
  14. Abs module torque value is specified in nm. How will it work if i send it as injector duty %? Also can stuff error is not a wiring issue, it is related to my implausible message in fault in abs. If i clear can errors while car running stuff error is not present. Suff error comes back after i cycle ignition on off or if i try to delete implausible message on abs controller. Thank you
  15. HI, i have installed link thunder into 2007 audi s4 b7 8e with 2.7tt swapped in to it. I have it all almost working for exception of abs/esp lights still on. Link thunder show canbus stuff error . On ABS8.0 module side im showing powertrain implausible signal. So we do have communication between link thunder and ABS module. All my gauges work, link thunder sees abs sensor data. My abs module also sees data from link thunder. Went thru all vcds measuring blocks for abs and i dont have data stream for engine torque it always shows 0. Measuring block 014 field 1 has error2 field 2 error14. Every other parameter identical to car running factory ecu. I got no problems getting a canbus sniffer tool, i just cannot sniff out factory engine ecu because i dont have factory harness or ecu at this point. So how likely is my abs/esp fault due to no engine torque data and what can i do about it? thank you Serge
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