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  1. clayjay

    Boost reference

    Am having trouble finding out the definitive answer on Boost reference. G4+ xtreme, Mac 2 port boost solenoid, E- Boost, Blow off valve. With these components should boost reference be from compressor or Intake (plenum). There is a lot of debate out there, Have a link so I will run with what you guys have found to be correct. All the best
  2. clayjay


    Thanks Euen worked a treat
  3. clayjay


    Not sure whats wrong, Keep having to refresh my password any ideas what the problem may be Thanks.
  4. clayjay


    Thanks Adam, You Have given me a lot better understanding of how auto elecs work. Magnetic Loop, keep the circuit tight. Plumbing off a feed. Not sure whats wrong, your site won't accept any password I submit keep having to submit a new password . Cheers
  5. clayjay

    Coil Earths

    Do the Earths for the coils need to be engine or chassis. To push it is there a reason for either Thanks
  6. Hey guys, My oil pressure sensor has 3 pins on the diagram it says they require 0V (GND), 0.5V to 4.5V Signal, +5V . 0V (GND) : I'm guessing here , this is not required as ECU has sensor GND ? 0.5V to 4.5V Signal : Will be any unused 0-5V Input from sensor or external controller (Analogue Volt # ) Required +5 : On the installer I/O Table it shows only one wire for this for either TPS or MAP sensors currently being used as on Map sensor is this the wire required for the oil pressure sensor or is there another wire I can use. Using a G4 Extreme. Appreciate any help with this.
  7. Hi guys would anyone have a base map to suit v6 ecotec turbo Link extreme ecu . A new combo , looking to get it started some tuners saying if it doesn't run they don't want to touch it.Has been a frustrating process. Any info appreciated I am in Perth western Australia. all the best
  8. clayjay

    Install Buddy

    Hey Guys, Have recently purchased G4+ extreme. Where I purchased computer from can't fit it for 3 mths . Yeah I know good backup! If there is anyone in Perth Western Australia interested in giving me a hand to install this unit ( with Pay) I am interested in the how and why's of the install although little auto electrical experience The unit will be installed in a VN commodore Turboed 4.2 L ecotec Will be working in a comfortable well equipped workshop. Anybody interested helping out would be greatly appreciated . Regards Clay
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