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  1. Thanks man I will try
  2. no wheel speed on both i try to use pwm test on dash but no read on the dash and from wiring i see that the dash speedo work on 12 v signal not aground signal the main problem that before using the g4 on stock ecu there was mistake in the speedo reading i try to use the speedo meter signal as DI and use aux output to the dash to make it right but no reading on the dash
  3. Anyone have idea about my problem ?????
  4. Mohamed Maher

    EVO 7 speedo

    Hi everyone , I work on EVO 7 GTA with manual Trans and GTA harness i used G4+ and use EVO 7 plugs and pinout but no speedo signal The EVO 7 speedo use 12v signal but the link G4 use ground signal for speedo thats another issue anyone have solution ????
  5. Thanks Mr Sameh I Solve My problem
  6. ok I will record alog and if i reduce the retard to something like -5 its limit rise to 4500 rpm I think that there is a rertard limit but cant find it
  7. what i mean that the rpm stops here where the limit is 5000 rpm
  8. I have problem with my launch control when I set an aggressive retard or add too much fuel such as 50 % fuel Trim then the RPM stops just before the aggressive set not at the launch limit I set limit to 5000 rpm and if the fuel trim is 40% at 4000 rpm and ignition timing at -15 absolute degrees then the rpm limit it self at 3500 or earlier and her is my pclr file EVO7.pclr
  9. thanks Simon I unlocked my ECU Finaly
  10. should i connect my computer to the internet when when i try to unlock the ecu ???
  11. I try to contact him but no response
  12. This ECU I bought From used parts dealer but its a new one never used the dealer bought it from a guy how works on a project but he didn't complete his project so as i just know about code issue also the used parts dealer didnt know about it and we dont know the first owner personally so we dont know the code Those are the stuff i bought from used parts dealer
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