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  1. MarcD


    excellent. thank you!
  2. MarcD


    how about if I activate Antilag through an input switch, but leave all the antilag trims as 0?
  3. MarcD


    any way to activate / deactivate CLL via a switch on a DI / virtual Aux when driving without laptop connected? thanks
  4. MarcD

    Mercedes M65 supercharger, Bypass valve question

    its a fair point. I hadnt thought of using a 2nd GP pwm output for direction. However, as you say, there are no available aux outputs on the expansion connector 1 or 2 . how would you configure the boost control to do as required? thanks Adam
  5. MarcD

    Mercedes M65 supercharger, Bypass valve question

    using the boost control as the direction control. I can only get the GP PWM to drive the motor closed, it returns to open on its spring. I haven't been able to control the position of the blade using this function alone in locked antiphase mode (one PWM input) with the Boost control as PWM input to the direction, I have power to the motor from GP PWM, and can reverse it to drive it open / closed using the Boost control PW also, the closed loop function is tantalizing, pegging the blade position against desired manifold pressure at various revs
  6. MarcD

    Mercedes M65 supercharger, Bypass valve question

    as an update, am using a Pololu high powered motor driver. using the GP PWM output to provides drive to the motor driver. I've now set up an Aux out as a Boost solenoid. putting this onto the logical DIrection pin of the motor driver, allows me to control the blade through duty cycle. just fine tuning now and understanding all the tables and in/outputs for the boost control.
  7. MarcD

    Mercedes M65 supercharger, Bypass valve question

    Thanks Adam Further research suggests this might be suitable. https://www.pololu.com/product/1379 Or even a cheap arduino board or jaycar equivalent. https://breadboards.co.nz/products/dual-h-bridge-motor-stepper-motor-relay-coil-etc-driver-for-arduino?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googlepla&variant=47411665679&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzduf1Pjr2wIVVRuPCh2Ilg6fEAQYBSABEgKLfPD_BwE Can I control /calibrate the gp pwm based on the feedback from the internal potentiometers? Then have it either a) based on tp% or b) map?
  8. MarcD

    Mercedes M65 supercharger, Bypass valve question

    thanks Adam have been digging further, and playing a bit today, before reading your response (thank you!). I'll type findings here, just in case it changes the outcome (fingers crossed!) can get the flap to snap shut with 12 V, it snaps back to open when disconnected. with GP PWM connected, (12 V to motor+ and GP PWM driving to 0v to Motor- )and set at 10 or 20 hz, it buzzes when its activated on TP%, but no movement of throttle plate. the unit is a Bosch Throttle body that MB re purposed as a diverter valve. its Merc part number is 1110980109 which is now superseded by 1110980050 Bosch part number 0280750467 does that change anything?
  9. MarcD

    Mercedes M65 supercharger, Bypass valve question

    Just found this. which suggests its a PWM valve, with redundancy on the throttle plate feedback. am told its the same as the E throttles. am trying to set it up as GP PWM. would that make sense?
  10. supercharger off a C230 Mercedes Kompressor. believe its an M65 (or M62) has an electronically actuated bypass valve. this has 6 pins in the connector. does anyone have any idea how to wore this upto Link G4+ so I can control bypass based on TPS output? thanks! Marc I found this, not sure if its relevant though, or how it would allow control?
  11. running 4 rib belt. ratio 2.2 : 1 info I have is 16000rpm max continuous, 18500 max short time. 500cc discharge per rev. am now thinking its the inherent design of the old style roots blowers, and no matter what i do its going to be the same. looking at a MP62 / 90 charger or similar to replace it.....
  12. so frequency increases with revs, from 187hz upto 680hz at around 6k rpms Sc-1.m4a
  13. thanks for the offer Davidv, am in Hamilton. I'll give your methodology above a shot, and see how we get on. last night I replaced the pod intake with the stock air filter box, but no luck. I do have a smaller bypass valve, which I might try in case the issue is the openness of the Tial 50mm component. its more a howl than a whine. I'll take a sound file and attach it.
  14. thank you! I have tried the dual throttle body setup (one pre SC and one stock location) and that didnt make a difference. I'm about to take the SC off its so noisy. I'll give this a try. appreciate help
  15. so that didnt work! lol got an airbox from a Ford 2L, ecotech, which has quietened then intake noise considerably. now just the SC whine to go