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  1. @o_dd Hey mate, I abandoned the idea of trying to control the Alternator with the ECU, just could not get it stable. I wen't through several trail and errors even bought an aftermarket control circuit that is suppose to control the charge etc... My advice, source an alternator from a 1800 NA, those have the controller built in. Finding them second hand is bit hard, I just ordered one from my local parts store. FYI I think this is what I bought... but as per the spec the regulator is built in. https://www.repco.co.nz/en/brands/oex/oex-alternator-12v-80a-mitsubishi-style-mxa234/p/A1192640
  2. I've asked the same question before, see So I ordered that board that Adam recommended, but it was not working, still getting 18V continuously, the manufacturer got back to me and gave me a few things to check out. In the meantime, I've setup a GP PWM output to control the alternator field, it's stable enough under idle and light load, but I'm yet to take the car for an actual drive
  3. Thanks I ordered one of those, the alternate option was to get another alternator from an earlier 97 Mx5 1800 or Mazda 626 but they're hard to come by. Thanks Adam
  4. Hi Guys Time for another question on my ECU install, the alternator in the 99+ MX5's have charging controlled by the ECU. Now I struggled to find information here about this for the MX5's, but did find some info on Haltech's forums on how they control the alternator charging. The base settings are listed below so people can follow this discussion without opening a base map:Frequency: 250HzStart Duty: 75%Minimum Duty 0%Max Duty 100%Gain 100Target Voltage 14.7Output Inverted Please use a spare PWM output to the charge wire of the Alternator.Use a 470ohm pull up to 12v on the chosen PWM output.Please use the software settings previously mentioned.Remember to check to voltage at each RPM site before racing! I'm pretty sure this is not a problem to setup in Link, my question is more on the how I'll go about doing this, and what he means by "inverted output" and "470ohm pull up from 12v" Thanks in advance
  5. BarendB

    LS2 Coil Suppressor

    Thanks guys
  6. BarendB

    LS2 Coil Suppressor

    Hi Guys I'll be using LS2 D585 Coils with my wip... The manual states to use a 1uF Suppressor, had a search of the forum and there is some confusing information to ignore the suppressor. If I have to use a Suppressor those in the know would you be able to give me a part suggestion. Cheers, Barend
  7. BarendB

    RPM Based switch

    Thanks Adam, that's perfect
  8. BarendB

    RPM Based switch

    Hi All, I'm just planning my ECU install on my MX5 (99 NB). My model comes with VICS (Variable intake control system), from my understanding I need to switch on a solenoid at a given RPM to activate the VICS. How do I go about setting that up on my Link ECU? Cheers, Barend
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