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  1. Port 1 goes to air, port 2 goes to the actuator, and port 3 goes to your boost source. 0% in the wastegate table will be actuator pressure and 100% will be maximum HTH, Richard.
  2. No, they are a bugger, and the thunder is the hardest! You can use a sacrificial bit of plastic (like a credit card) slid under one corner if you don't want to mark anything. Alternatively, if you're in a hurry a screwdriver will suffice (but will mark either the bracket or the ecu or both)
  3. 1. Has to be ignition switched live to prevent any back feed issues. 2. You can use either native auxs or spare igns, not all combinations are valid though. I usually go into pc link first and select the function I'm trying to setup on the pin I want to use just to check whether the function is available. The help file has an aux out allocation chart which should help. HTH, Richard.
  4. I use virtual here to supply usb over wi-fi. It works really well, you get native usb so you can run pc link wirelessly. The module i use is a GL-MT300N-V2 which is about 20 quid. I then use a 12V to usb unit to power it. HTH, Richard.
  5. Richard Hill

    Cold Start

    Can you post a log of the start up? That would help. Also, check the idle valve isn't stuck, that's quite common. To free them up, we take them out, leave them connected and spray some penetrating fluid in, while setting the aux out to PWM test at about 10Hz. At a glance, I would increase your max. clamp in the idle speed settings, and also try a higher idle proportional gain. (although your idle screw might need opening a touch) HTH, Richard.
  6. Good morning, I am setting up a base map for an RX8, I have wired up the metering oil pump and assigned it to AUX 5,6,7,8 in PC Link. How do I assign the input for the oil pump sensor? In the RX7 I see it is an analog input with a table controlling the % of oil delivery. The RX8 has a switch, how do I set up this switch in PC Link? Do I connect it to an analog input and fudge the Oil stepper table somehow? Thanks in advance, Richard.
  7. No. There is no an temp4, but you could use a spare an volt input with a pull up resistor.
  8. What do your trigger arming threshold tables look like ?
  9. your Trig2 is stuck at 8 volts (maybe as a result of the pull-up I guess, a crank log would help) . Have you checked the wiring to the sensor and the pinouts to make sure you haven't got a short to the supply or a missing ground? You only have 50mV of noise on Trig1 which is acceptable Check your shields are connected (at ECU end only) to sensor ground crank test log and the map would help. HTH, Richard.
  10. Try doing an ignition test with the timing light connected. This will help verify that the timing light itself is working.
  11. In pc link, go to can setup and move your can 1 settings to can2. If it's a custom can setup you can save it, and then reload it on can 2. Turn can1 off afterwards. HTH, Richard.
  12. If it's standard vw wiring (which it appears to be ) then:- Pin 1 and 2 are +5 Pin 3 is ground Pin 4 is Output 1 Pin 5 is ground Pin 6 is Output 2 These are the VW designations, check scaling on out1 and out2. HTH, Richard.
  13. I am configuring the touch start on a Thunder powered auto gearbox car. I have set up the gearbox selector voltage levels so the ECU knows which gear it is in (I have tested each gear and it works great), Park and Neutral show correctly also. However, when I set use Neutral/Park interlock to yes under starter control, the starter never engages! Also, the Neutral/park status never goes to active even when I am in park or neutral AND the ECU knows that! I have concluded that although the ECU knows it is in Park or Neutral, for some reason, the digital input for Park/Neutral has to be wired and active. This is ridiculous as the ECU knows its in park or neutral. ( I can't wire the digital in directly to a P/N interlock switch as it is voltage level based) So it would seem that my only option is to wire a spare aux out to a spare digital in and configure the aux out to be on when "is driving gear"=0 , so the ECU tells itself it is in Park or Neutral ! Maybe not classed as a bug, but certainly needs addressing in the next version of pclink surely. If I turn off Neutral/Park interlock then it will start in gear which is definitely not desirable.
  14. If you don't want to drill a hole in the case , then you can cut and splice into one of the analogue volt inputs for the lambdas on pin 16 (an volt 11) of the main header connector. HTH, Richard.
  15. PC Link 5.6.6 does not pick up the USB drivers for Windows 7 on install. You need to install PC Link 5.6.5 first which will install the USB drivers properly and then install 5.6.6 over the top. It is a problem I reported last week, and has now been confirmed by Link as a 5.6.6 bug. HTH, Richard.
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