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  1. Yes it is possible to spark without an igniter. I even had a car which actually just ran (barely) without an ignition amplifier.
  2. Hi, Any update on serial stream availability for current storm ecu? Thanks.
  3. Richard Hill

    Software help

    yes as long as its running windows 7 or greater (Windows 7 requires version 5.6.5 first )
  4. It doesn't need to go near the load. It is protecting the switch contacts so closer to the relay is better.
  5. Yes, it's exactly 100 Ohms, I will try a normal aux out, but at the moment while tuning I have the tacho turned off. We will turn it back on when we've finished tuning. Thanks.
  6. You can't pwm a fuel pump with only a standard ssr, they are not able to drive an inductive load. You will need a fuel pump controller or a circuit designed to pwm inductive loads. Something like this would be suitable :- https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/power/smart-low-side-high-side-switches/automotive-smart-high-side-switch-profet/power-profet/bts50010-1tad/?redirId=103222
  7. Can high and low is all you need to communicate. It is a differential bus which is resistant to noise. The dash can be powered independently. The grounds may well be shared though as the chassis is effectively the ground reference.
  8. Hi, I have a storm running a rover V8, all was fine until I installed a relay coil to drive the tacho (on a spare ignition output). Since then I have continuous failure to connect to the ecu with comms dropping randomly, lots of failed to store messages. As soon as I turn off the tacho function the problems seem to stop. Is there a recommended way to use the relay coil to drive the tacho without the interference with the comms? Thanks, Richard.
  9. Are you running Windows 7? If so, you will need to install pc link 5.6.5 to get the USB driver to install (there is a bug in 5.6.6) and then install 5.6.6 over the top.
  10. Richard Hill

    G4+ Bluetooth

    I also have the android version of the server which allows you to connect the ECU to your phone and control it from anywhere using the client.
  11. Richard Hill

    G4+ Bluetooth

    As Adam mentioned, the micro usb only powers the WiFi module. You then plug the ecu in via the usb port below using your tuning cable.
  12. The engine is a Renesis 13B-MSP , does this use the standard Link RX8 trigger setup ? Thanks, Richard.
  13. Richard Hill

    G4+ Bluetooth

    The only problems I've seen have been due to firewall issues, if possible, try connecting with firewalls temporarily disabled. Also, try ticking the reverse connection option.
  14. Richard Hill

    G4+ Bluetooth

    I got mine from ebay, try searching for "dc 12v to 5v USB" The WiFi module I use is USB powered This is a short range WiFi module, I have used it over a couple of metres through a fibreglass bulkhead or about 5 metres clear line of sight. If you need more range then a different module with a higher power output and possibly an external aerial would be needed.
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