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  1. Richard Hill

    Monsoon vs. Storm vs. Fury

    Yes, closed loop boost control is available on the Monsoon. And yes, the CAN bus on a Monsoon will run a Race Technology dash just fine. There is a Dash 2 Pro CAN profile pre-built in the drop down. HTH, Richard.
  2. Richard Hill

    Supercharged Lexus 3UZ

    I've just started building a custom 1UZ VVTi loom and specced an ECU for a customer replacing the standard setup (in a Triumph Stag), and with an Xtreme we quickly ran out of aux outputs. The build is now going to use a Thunder. To run the standard engine functions as implemented on the LS400, it will take at least 12 Aux outs from my calculations:- VVT Bank 1 VVT Bank 2 Fuel Pump ACIS Tacho Ethrottle Relay Ethrottle + Ethrottle - Ethrottle Clutch (PWM 250Hz) Check Engine Light Oil Pressure Warning Light Fan (Viscous on LS400, but I like to add electric for any conversion) Adding Dual Lambda for both banks into the equation (and 3 axis accelerometer, high speed digital inputs, etc.) it quickly makes sense to go for a Thunder. Richard.
  3. Richard Hill

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    ok fair enough, but is there any way you can add the "Ignition idle control" value to the Idle speed section of the Aux Functions Runtime Value? That would help a lot for tuning idle. Or alternatively show the idle ignition value under the ignition tab somewhere and also not show Ign Table 1 as active when it isn't... TIA.
  4. Richard Hill

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    Hi, I am still seeing an invalid status for the Idle Status (in 5.6.6). It shows as a static name (usually crank %DC) even when it is active as per the following screenshot. The only way I can tell if ignition idle is active is by monitoring the Ignition Idle Value. Is this me or still a bug? I am not using an idle valve only ignition idle control, which might be the reason? Even so, I would still expect the status to display something like "Inc. RPM" or "Dec. RPM" the same as when idle status is working with ethrottle for instance. Thanks, Richard.
  5. Richard Hill

    Calibration for Haltech fluid temp

    Temperature sensors tend to have a non linear (logarithmic) response, and 4,5,6 are linear calibrations. Also, the voltage output is dependant on the pull up resistor used so try and find out what pull up the Haltec is specifying.. On an Atom and Monsoon, this will be 1k Ohm, on the higher ECUs the pull-up is selectable. HTH, Richard.
  6. Richard Hill

    Hayabusa turbo

    I use USB over wifi for controlling my ECU remotely (I plan to install the Link ECU in the boot next to the engine so no long USB wires). I bought one of these from amazon which work great and are cheap :- https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-mt300n-v2/ The hardware then needs reflashing with the virtual USB software:- https://www.virtualhere.com/hardware Powered with a 12V micro USB adapter, this gives you USB over WiFi, which should be significantly longer range than bluetooth. The Virtual firmware is available on a few different platforms so it may be possible to extend the range even further. HTH, Richard.
  7. Richard Hill

    Supercharged Lexus 3UZ

    Thunder would be great. Loads of spare aux outs and inputs, and dual lambda too. You also get built in ECU hold power control. I have a 3uz which I will run with my thunder. Just not sure what car it's going in yet !
  8. Richard Hill

    Boost kpa psi or bar

    yes, in pclink, go to option, unit, metric or imperial. The options menu lets you set the units for each type. MGP is Gauge Pressure (relative), so referenced to Barometric Absolute Pressure, MAP is Absolute pressure. Both are selectable as a load axis. HTH, Richard.
  9. Richard Hill

    What Lambda controller to use?

    You can't run a gauge from the CAN Lambda. I have driven gauges from a PWM AUX out before but it would require careful calibration of the duty cycle and frequency vs displayed value (AFR/Lambda)
  10. Richard Hill

    assorted wiring queries g4+ fury

    Hopefully an LS1 coil expert will step in, but yes that's how I would wire it ( I am more familiar with 3 pin k20 coil packs, and 4 pin Toyota coil packs which we leave the feedback pin unconnected)
  11. Richard Hill

    assorted wiring queries g4+ fury

    Post edited due to innacuracy.
  12. Richard Hill

    assorted wiring queries g4+ fury

  13. Richard Hill

    Hayabusa turbo

    https://shopbhp.com/products/8-channel-egt-to-can-module-works-perfect-with-link-ecu These work great over CAN with link ECUs, with the advantage that you can run 4 EGT in the primaries and a post turbo EGT for turbo protection
  14. Richard Hill

    Turbo Speed Input: G4+ Thunder DI 11-16

    Hi, yes this worked well for my application, what is your exact application and what divisor are you trying to achieve ?
  15. Richard Hill

    R32 GTR issues

    Looking at the log file posted for the speed, there seems to be a frequency doubling artifact. This might be caused by a double edge on each transition causing the ECU to randomly see twice the frequency. possible issues could be compromised grounding (old loom with oxidised ground rings maybe?), a low pass RC filter might help. HTH, RIchard.