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  1. Richard Hill

    3sgte unstable ignition

    Are you using the trigger calibrate menu which will lock the timing to the offset value ? As cj mentioned a trigger scope and a log would probably help
  2. Richard Hill

    Fuel level calibration

    If you're not using narrow band lambda you could nick the analogue volt for that off the main ECU header plug... The problem with temp. Inputs is they have an internal pull up resistor which is quite a high value, which will result in a low reading. If you can work around this then yes, although the calibration will show temperature, I guess you could create a custom calibration and ignore the temperature units. Calibrate as a percentage or maybe litres. HTH Richard.
  3. Richard Hill

    Gdi spill valve energized +5v

    The GDI ecu has a dedicated output pin to drive a spill valve. You must use this, and set your peak and hold currents accordingly.
  4. Richard Hill


    How are you powering the ECU? I'm guessing it needs power on pin A-11 +14V (Main Relay) and A-10 (Ground)
  5. Richard Hill

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    Brilliant, that's useful to know. Thanks.
  6. Richard Hill

    [UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

    Sorry, can you explain how? I didn't think you could connect to a newer firmware with an older version.
  7. Richard Hill

    Engine hesitation after retuning

    Can you post a log file too? That would definitely help to see what might be causing the problem.
  8. Richard Hill

    Wiring Mitsubishi 3 pin speed sensor

    Yes, that pinout looks correct, have you tried the following (no pull-up, the base map for the car with your sensor has pull-up off, but the 1-3 has pull-up on) Mitsubishi EVO 1-3 G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr Mitsubishi EVO 4-8 G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr the speed signal pin for your ECU is 66, (as opposed to pin 86 on the 4-8) HTH, Richard.
  9. Richard Hill

    PCLink Software Issues

    What version of the 610 driver are you using? Intel released one about 10 days ago, might be worth trying. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/98910/Intel-HD-Graphics-610 HTH, Richard.
  10. Richard Hill

    CAN to Dash on a plug in

    At the ECU end, white is can high or +, green is can low or -, connect these to the corresponding white CAN1+, and blue CAN1- at the dash end. HTH, Richard.
  11. Richard Hill

    Link PNP ecu (S6RX7) to innovate 4 in 1 flex fuel gauge.

    Yes, the expansion connector allows you access to anvolt 5 and 6 on pins 5 and 6 . You could also use any spare inputs you may have on the main header (an volt 4, pin 37) . Maybe also fuel temp on an temp 3 ( pin 71) . HTH Richard.
  12. Richard Hill

    Fuel level calibration

    You don't have to pull the sender, that just makes it easier to work out the full voltage swing to check the potential divider values are correct. I always calibrate with the sender in the tank. With a partial tank of fuel I disconnect the union at the fuel rail and pump the fuel into a container until the fuel pump draws the last pure fuel. That voltage is empty. Then add in 5 litre increments until full, noting the voltage at each point. HTH, Richard.
  13. Richard Hill

    Tach signal

    If you are not using air con (aux 3) or purge canister (aux 4) you could put the tachometer on one of them, alternatively you could put it on the expansion connector (aux 8). Then assign tachometer to that output in pc link HTH, Richard.
  14. Richard Hill

    Fuel level calibration

    Try the input units as volts. See what reading you get empty and full. (Ideally If the sender is not in the car, just move the float from min to max to test and read off the raw voltage )
  15. Richard Hill

    GFB boost controller

    Link help specifies adding a flyback diode for output protection on non aux outs , is this the case for ignition drives too?