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  1. Richard Hill

    Innovate LC2 calibration on cal table 1???

    try putting in the Lambda calibration . IIRC that's what fixed my problem.
  2. Richard Hill

    MAP sensor calibration 101-0069 MAP3

    What calibration have you selected for the map sensor? And what are the error high and low? If they are the same it will only ever show the error value. Does the an volt input value change if you blow into the sensor port?
  3. Richard Hill

    1JZ TPS

    Also,you might be falling off the bottom of the wiper, try mechanically adjusting the TPS to the other end of its slots and recalibrating
  4. Richard Hill

    turbo potentiometer

    As Simon mentioned, you will need to wire the output of the potentiometer to a spare analog input (with the other two pin on the pot wired to +5 Volts and sensor ground). AN Volt 4 is shown in the example below. Then select a spare Cal, I use 4 as it is a 2 point linear cal instead of a table. Next, in the cal settings choose % as the output unit. IT doesn't have to be %, you could leave it as 0-5 Volt raw. I would start with open loop boost control, as you will need to find out what duty cycle is required to achieve a particular boost target. In the wastegate %DC table, select the an volt input as the y axis and populate the table with the %DC required for each boost step required. In the example above I have used 50% duty cycle as maximum boost. That is the easy bit done! I would suggest looking at the help file for information about setting up boost control and when you are happy with the open loop mode, progress on to closed loop boost as this will give you more consistent boost levels which will be met and maintained by the closed loop algorithm. Regards, Richard.
  5. Richard Hill

    turbo potentiometer

    If you're running closed loop boost control, then set your Y axis on the target table to the analog input you wire the potentiometer to. Then change your target accordingly. Another possible option would be to set your potentiometer input to gear position and then use the boost in gear trim table. Hope this helps, Richard.
  6. Richard Hill

    Help required 1uz-FE on Link atom

    It sounds like your sensor ground wire might have a break between the ECU and the sensors. Try unplugging the ECU connector, and measure the resistance between pin 24 (sensor ground) and the engines sensor ground pins on the TPS or the ECT sensor. Pin 7 is also sensor ground but I use that exclusively for triggers. While its unplugged check you have low resistance between power ground pins 25/34 and the engine block (or head). I'm guessing these are OK as the ECU powers up HTH, Richard.
  7. Richard Hill

    Subaru knock problem

    That would depend on whether it is a false knock detection due to noise threshold or actually knock on cylinder 4 . As mentioned above it could be a fuel issue. Try swapping injectors between cylinders and see if the knock moves with the injector. If it is knock due to ignition then I would retard #4 a degree at a time in the individual cylinder ignition trim table. HTH, Richard.
  8. Richard Hill

    CAN bus start command

    2 more questions on the subject of CAN , is it OK to connect CAN 1 and CAN 2 to the same bus, and then use 12 CAN channels? The PC Link manual states in the CAN setup section:- ยท Byte Order - Configure whether the Most Significant bit comes first (MS first or Big endian) or the Least Significant bit comes first (LS first or Little endian). This statement seems to be ambiguous as bit endianness and byte endianness are two different things. Does it just bit swap or byte swap ? (from what i can gather i think its a byte swap only)
  9. Richard Hill

    CAN bus start command

    Thanks for the reply Adam, it is a traditional style ignition switch with key and so works perfectly with a GP output. Richard.
  10. Richard Hill

    CAN bus start command

    I may have worked out the answer. I don't think you can use the PClinks/ECUs built in starter control with CAN inputs. But, I guess I can use a GP aux output with CAN digital status as an input ANDed with RPM <400 AND clutch switch depressed? to give similar functionality. Richard.
  11. Richard Hill

    CAN bus start command

    Hello, I am replacing a factory ECU with a thunder. In the original ECU the start command comes from the body control module (after interlock checks) via can bus. I will be wiring the thunder to control engine start via an aux out and a digital in, which input should I select in the can receive menu to enable can bus start? Many thanks , Richard.
  12. Richard Hill

    Link G4 Extreme CAN Lambda

    Many thanks for the speedy reply. Regards, Richard.
  13. Richard Hill

    Link G4 Extreme CAN Lambda

    As per title, will the CAN Lambda work with a silver G4 Extreme? If so are there any preset files I can use please? Many thanks in advance, Richard.
  14. Richard Hill

    Laggy PCLink software

    The window not displaying while dragging is probably caused by a scaling issue with a non native resolution and/or scaling setup in windows display preferences (or at least it was on my laptop)
  15. Richard Hill

    Setup Analog to Can Converter

    The PLX wideband digital output is RS232 in their iMFD format. 19200 baud rate, 8 data bits , no parity and 1 stop bit. It is output at 10Hz. They will send you a PDF file with details of the format if you ask them. So basically no it won't work over CAN... Hope this helps, Richard.