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  1. As bsh mentioned above, the RS500 trigger pattern will work fine with stock distributor/crank sensor setup. The important thing is to make sure the TDC mark on the dizzy lines up (roughly) with the rotor arm at #1 TDC on the firing stroke, as there are 2 teeth on the distributor trigger and the ECU will have problems with the phase otherwise. If the distributor has never been removed then the phase sensor connector should be closeish to the cam belt (Stock position). standard offset should work but always worth checking with a strobe light. What ECU are you using? If you have triggerscope, then post the llg file here. If your are COP then the rotor/HT angles won't matter (but the phase position kind of does), if you are using original ignition then more care will need to be taken over the firing order and relative positions of the rotor > HT leads. HTH, RIchard.
  2. No, its fine with ignition switched live, once configured correctly, the ECU will initially power up through the diode on the DI. You can safely put 12 Volts to any DI, it will register the ignition switch off at about 1 Volt and start the hold power timer.
  3. Richard Hill

    monsoon canbus

    yes, no problem, both devices default to 1Mbit/s , the CAN Lambda is not terminated but the ECU always is and the dash is configurable. I would probably put the CAN Lambda in the middle of the bus and use the ECU and dash to terminate (the dash termination is configurable in race studio if it is relatively modern) HTH, Richard.
  4. Richard Hill

    Chris Todd

    It should work, I have done this with an extreme before on a customers car when i ran out of ID channels. You are limited to 10 streams overall though IIRC, so you still won't get 12. HTH, Richard.
  5. Richard Hill


    I would say best bet is to wire the triggers up temporarily, power the ecu up and do a trigger scope while cranking. Post the llg file here and I'm sure someone will be able to verify it. HTH Richard.
  6. Richard Hill

    Mixture Map

    Engine speed set too high?
  7. As far as I know, master/slave ISCV control can only be on aux 1 and 2. You will probably need to move vvt to aux 2, 3 or 4
  8. Digital input frequencies are based on edge triggered events, not analog sampling . The maximum guaranteed input frequency for the fury is 500hz. The actual maximum can be significantly higher if the processor isn't maxed out.
  9. Richard Hill

    can bus xtreme

    Wire the spare aux out directly to the spare digital input in a loop (I have used aux1 and di1) Change your CAN input variable from steering ROC to a spare CAN TC Cyl input (temporary variable that can be acted on by a GP Output) Setup the aux and di as below and change the switch condition to the ROC threshold you want to trigger the power steering idle up. HTH, Richard.
  10. Richard Hill

    can bus xtreme

    If you have a spare aux out and a spare digital in you can connect them together and setup a condition based on steering ROC that triggers the DI for PS idle up. HTH, Richard.
  11. Is it a Toyota 6 wire ISCV.? Have you supplied ignition switched live on the other 2 pins.?
  12. Also, what ECU is the car running? If it is an Atom, Monsoon or Storm, it only has CLL trim, not Auto (which is able to provide faster, large corrections)
  13. Richard Hill

    Water Pump PWM

    Ah yes, Low side only, my mistake. The reason I would add the 10k pull up in the connector is in case the ECU or Aux got disconnected accidentally, the pump would come on full speed.
  14. Richard Hill

    Water Pump PWM

    That isn't the pump manual, The 500mA current specified is the maximum output of the TinyCWA controller, not the current consumption of the PWM input pin on the pump (which will be much lower). You can control these pumps with either a high side aux, or if none available you could use a low side (I would add a 10k pull up resistor in the pump connector) Also, worth noting these pumps should be installed as low as possible and work best in a "reverse flow" configuration as they cannot suck air, and so will fail to pump if coolant levels are low and mounted in the top hose HTH, Richard.
  15. Richard Hill

    can bus xtreme

    I think we will need to know what vehicle this is
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