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  1. Assuming a NO switch then one pin to DI, other pin to ground, input latch off, pullup on, on level low, active edge falling. Hold button down for launch and release to de-activate. HTH, Richard.
  2. I normally use an open barrel splice, like these https://uk.farnell.com/amp-te-connectivity/140723-2/terminal-wire-splice-15-5awg-crimp/dp/2972010# Depending on the thickness of the wire you're using, you might be able to double pin into the connector, but it will need to be thin wire. I have done this before but it can be tight.
  3. im sure you will be fine with the extra current. one way to check is in pclink go to runtime values f12 and look at the ecu tab it will tell you if the 5 volt supply is ok or not.
  4. Here are some measurements from a single 4.9 Lambda sensor running on a Thunder on the bench. The maximum the sensor drew was 1.43A at the end of the heating phase
  5. Also, internal lambda controllers in G4+ ECUs don't have a problem being near inductive loads (such as injectors and ISCVs) HTH, Richard.
  6. I have monitored the current draw of CAN lambdas during heat up phase several times from ambient, using low voltage (10 Volts and nominal Voltage 13.8) Basically on the edge of failure mode, The maximum current they draw is 1.5 Amps (worst case at low voltage) . reducing down to about 1 Amp when up to temperature. I will post the Thunder current draw tomorrow when I can dig the values out.
  7. It should be fine, the bosch controller current limits during the heating phase to a maximum of a couple of amps
  8. I think this was resolved on a Facebook page, iirc you had the calibration data as afr but the calibration units as lambda ?
  9. Yes, this is normal, and has been the same since at least 5.6.4 I always try and close pc link before I connect or have more than one copy open so you can keep the current file open.
  10. Yes, 5 to 8 can high side drive. (apart from 5 and 6 on a monsoon)
  11. A reliable method I use is to cut the positive feed near the fuel pump and insert a standard relay. Use the original supply wire to Terminal 86 to positive trigger the relay, hard ground terminal 85 and then Run a 2.5mm fused wire directly from the battery to terminal 30. Terminal 87 supplies power via the original short wire to the pump. HTH, Richard.
  12. You will need an external wideband controller, analog or can bus will work (I prefer can bus controllers)
  13. Type in lambda1 in the text search box , it should come up in the list (it's not in the can section). Then set your units to afr in the pc link options, units menu . HTH, Richard.
  14. You mentioned can hi and lo as green and white, just in case you have them that way round, can hi is white and can lo is green. Also have a lookcat the can tab in the runtime values to seeing there are any errors. HTH, Richard.
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