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  1. USB extension cables work fine. I have also had success with USB over WiFi using virtual here.
  2. A gp pwm works well driving temperature gauges. Frequency isn't too important as they are generally quite well damped and so the needle won't fluctuate too much. Set up a duty cycle table vs coolant temp. What car is it? HTH, Richard.
  3. Yes and no. The first signs of a problem might be with a hot engine under low revs, so if caught early there is potential to prevent serious damage. If you calibrate oil pressure into the ecu then you could light the check engine light at a configurable pressure. Also, both the 350z cars I have seen had the oil pressure output as per my post above.
  4. As above, try running it directly from a battery, also, have you added any inductive loads into the wiring? Have you got an electrolytic capacitor connected?
  5. Fuel pressure is an input and will require an AnVolt, so either 5 or 6 on connector 1. Boost solenoid requires an output so Aux 6 is available on Connector 2 (assuming your PCB is rev 1.1) HTH, Richard.
  6. What is causing the "dramatic fuel overheating"? We have never come across this problem and use return fuel systems regularly on many different cars up to 900 HP without any issues. The first thing I would look at is putting a temperature sensor in the return line away from the engine to measure what the actual fuel temperature is. Then you will know how big the problem is and work out how to mitigate against it. A returnless system may be the way forward but will not solve the problem on its own (if your fuel temperatures are actually that high) Closed loop fuel pump control is not as simple to setup as a standard regulated return system and can cause more problems than it solves if not implemented correctly. If it turns out that closed loop is the only way to solve the issue then there are a few solutions, the cheapest of which is probably an OEM controller such as a 9D372 which is used on a lot of Fords, Range Rovers and Jags. You will also need a pressure sensor near the fuel rail to give the ECU feedback for its control system. You could also implement an open loop system using these controllers which when set up correctly (with a standard regulator return fuel system) can dramatically reduce the amount of excess fuel pumped around the system. HTH, Richard.
  7. I do believe that Link fulfill all of their advertised specifications as per their limited warranty statement in the current catalogue :- "For off-road use only, not intended for highway vehicles." Nearly all aftermarket ecus are also for track use only and not qualified for the road.
  8. Pin 5 on the a plug to 12 Volts, and pin 25 or 34 on the a plug to ground (only need one ground to bench power) HTH, Richard.
  9. The search for devices function is exclusively for use with a link can lambda, it won't show up any other devices.
  10. Can you post a triggerscope log?
  11. I did wonder if that would work, but wouldn't interpolation be a problem ?
  12. I have tried powering the ecu from the starter motor terminal, and never had any success. It has always resulted in a big voltage drop caused by the huge transient currents drawn by the starter. Running separate feeds for the ecu and fuel pump should minimise the voltage drops. The situation is often compounded by small, race batteries which in my experience only add to the difficulties.
  13. That's not the issue, I have another unit working with the same stream as posted above. Yes it's in default mode as the 3rd byte is clearly lambda temperature.
  14. Try ecu logging batt. Voltage, this will show you if just the comms is dropping out.
  15. I don't think the ecu is powering off at 8 volts, more likely is that the comms chip is dropping out. I know this doesn't really help but maybe a smaller capacitor would be enough.
  16. I have added the pin numbers to most of the headers. Useful for one off quick installs where a spreadsheet is overkill :- https://shopbhp.com/pages/technical-documents HTH, Richard.
  17. the CAN bus seems to be working now. Can you post a slightly longer log file from ignition on, so we can see the engine start? Also, what happens if you cycle the power on the Spartan while the engine is running?
  18. you've got CAN 2 set as transmit, it should be receive. Then just reload the stream i posted to make sure, for some reason there is a red error on byte1.
  19. Can you post the map with the can setup?
  20. No, it will be in Spartan mode by default.
  21. If you use the stream file I attached, it will read the data into Lambda1.
  22. Yes, Spartan has a termination resistor built in and it is enabled by default. I would use the Spartan in its default mode, use 1Mb/s and 1024 as ID. Use the attached stream definition. From the testing I have performed, the Spartan doesn't actually work in Link mode, the stream appears to be incorrect. (you would have needed to log in via serial bluetooth to change the mode/ID to Link CAN Lambda mode) HTH, Richard. Spartan3ADVDefaultMode.lcs
  23. what are your cylinder knock gains set to (under cyl setup) ?
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