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  1. The find devices tab is only for links can lambda so no other devices will show up there. Try selecting transmit generic dash instead of transmit user stream 1. You might also need to run racestudio and configure the dash to read the stream, I think there might be an example on here if you search. HTH, Richard.
  2. also, for reference I think the default CAN ID is 1636 decimal, 0x664 hex.
  3. Just tested mine on the bench, getting pretty much fixed 40mV offset at all battery voltages, so negligible drop for me.
  4. Here is one i put together. It was done a few months ago with a pre-production unit, so might need to check that nothing has changed. HTH, Richard. EcumasterWBO.lcs
  5. One of our most popular kits is the Atom to run the 1uz cop, but usually normally aspirated. As mentioned above, the storm is a more capable ecu for that configuration, giving you sequential injection, sequential ignition, closed loop boost control and probably most importantly knock control.
  6. choose EGT (0-5V) for the input, then choose a calibration table, probably table 4,5 or 6 as most thermocouple amplifiers will have a linear output, then enter the calibration values in that table. HTH, Richard.
  7. Richard Hill

    ECU for 1ZZ

    For dual use road and track cars I tend to wire launch control into the handbrake (ground switched active) but I put a switch in series with it so it can be disabled and the handbrake used as standard. Into a DI with pull up on and set to active low. We have used the clutch pedal before too, but I find the handbrake to be more flexible with the deactivation timing. HTH, Richard.
  8. Richard Hill

    G4+ Bluetooth

    Yes, pc firewall. Also, try reducing the communication speed a bit in pc link, see if that makes a difference.
  9. You can use VVT (AVCS) on auxs 1 to 4 and vvt sensors on digital inputs 1 to 4, so you might need to move other functions off those pins. No, you can not reassign inputs to outputs or digital input to an analog input, you will need to repin. You can however reassign an analog input to a temperature input (you will need to add a pull up resistor as only temp. Inputs have these internally.) HTH, Richard.
  10. Richard Hill

    G4+ Bluetooth

    Couple of things to try which helped me when setting up initially : Turn off all firewalls completely to test connections (probably best to disconnect from the Internet and just use lan for this) In the client software, right click on the hub and go to "specify hubs...", add the IP address of the hub manually, you could also try ticking the two check boxes under advanced, this can sometimes help with some firewalls which will only allow outgoing socket open requests. HTH, Richard.
  11. Ah ok, power, ground and aux out. Acts like a 2 wire then.
  12. If it is a 3 wire ISCV then it might need 2 auxs. If this is the case, it will need aux 1 and 2 as they are the outputs which support master slave ISCV. HTH, Richard.
  13. I think I made a link stream for the haltech wideband controller. I will have a look. Regards, Richard.
  14. Great info, thanks. I have a standard 3uz going in my kit car, might look at boosting it...
  15. Richard Hill

    Unlock code

    Try tech@linkecu.com
  16. I normally put them in the grey deutsche connector under the rubber boot. Crimp the resistor in parallel between the green and white wire. HTH, Richard.
  17. Can you post map and log file? Also, double check your motor polarity is correct.
  18. I have just checked my data sheet for that throttle body and it matches the DTA sheet. I think it was a pedal position sensor that was wrong previously.
  19. That dta pinout sheet is wrong, almost caught me out before!
  20. We had a similar issue with an rx8 running a fury, the alternator voltage went up very high (and damaged the ecu). I didn't have easy access to the bike otherwise I would have worked out an ecu control strategy, so we got the owner to convert to an rx7 alternator which I believe was a direct swap. HTH, Richard.
  21. I'm not sure how it is implemented at the moment, but is it possible to add a selection to choose the timing of the pre-crank prime? So maybe choose whether it is at the start or the end of the fuel pump prime time. Thanks.
  22. If you are using the drop down CAN Lambda mode then the ID must be 950, PC Link will ignore any changes to the ID.
  23. Probably best if you can post your map? Have you got injectors set to sequential? And are all 4 drivers active?
  24. Whilst in Link mode, did you also change the CAN ID ? The Spartan mode is 1024 and stays on that ID unless you change it. Alternatively, you could try the attached CAN lambda stream and set the ID to 1024. HTH, Richard. canlambda_test_stream.lcs
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