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  1. No luck. I tried: 500K/bit/s ignition on 500K/bit/s engine on 250K/bit/s ignition on 250K/bit/s engine on with Torque (lite), Track Addict, ScanMaster, Car Scanner, InCarDoc Free, and OBDLink I'll talk to my installer re the hardware setup. I did notice that the RunTime Values for CAN1 only showed errors when the engine was running not when the ignition only was on (not sure if that means anything). Acknowledge Error was showing too in addition to the errors posted in the image previously. Cheers.
  2. Sorry I meant CAN connectivity not USB. i.e. the distance between the CAN bus and the ODB2 interface is fairly short. I'll try the 250 connection and some other apps today and post the results. I'll have to talk to my installer re the physical setup.
  3. Hi all, Keeping this post alive with what appears to be similar issues to what has been described earlier. I'm trying to connect to a Kiwi3 ODB2 bluetooth adapter connected to a G4+ Monsoon with the Torque (Lite) Android app. I have successfully used the Kiwi3 adapter and the Torque (Lite) application with another car so believe the issue lies somewhere with the way the OBD2 connection is setup between the adapter and the Monsoon ECU. I can see the adapter as a bluetooth device but the app will not connect (i.e correct connection protocol not found). I have tried with the ignition on as well as the engine running. I have also performed a firmware update on the Kiwi3 as mentioned in this forum post. I have attached the CAN setup image from the ECU and the Runtime Values for CAN 1 but am wondering if there is anything else I can change to help fix/diagnose this? The USB connectivity is all in car so not a very long run from the ECU to the OBD2 adapter. Cheers.
  4. Hi guys, just a note to close off this topic. Chris from Prestige Tuning & Motorsport ( https://www.facebook.com/prestigetuningnz/ ) took our car in and very quickly turned it around. The G3 firmware appeared to have become less than stable so it was upgraded to the G4 firmware. A new tune has been created and she is purring like a 4AGE 20v once again. Thanks for your responsiveness and your help. Cheers, Lee
  5. Thanks Adam. Uploaded the tune but it seems to be a step backwards as I could not get the engine to start at all. It came close but not quite. I really appreciate you trying to sort this out but I think the best avenue may be to get it properly tuned from scratch. Cheers, Lee.
  6. Do you guys recommend a G4 firmware upgrade? Seems like it is easier to get base maps for a 4AGE 20v on a G4 rather than a G3. Just wondering. I tried running the car yesterday with that last tune you gave me and even though I can get it to idle (albeit with high RPM) it will not rev out under load so I think you are right with the axis not being right. Cheers, Lee.
  7. Looks like the original tune was performed by The Chequered Flag in Petone. They no longer exist so not sure if I can get the original file.
  8. Thanks Adam. In the meantime I'll try and find out who the original tuner was and see if they have a file saved somewhere. Cheers.
  9. Really appreciate the time you are spending on this. The last file was more encouraging but still not right. Still require throttle to get the engine to start but after a struggle it starts and now I can rev it but it will not idle. I did bleed more oxygen through the engine and managed to get it to idle at 1500rpm but again this was not required before when it was working properly. Not sure if this might give you something else to try. I did notice quite a few differences in your fixed setup to the default setup so somewhere in there I'm guessing there is the magic setting(s) have been missed or changed. For instance the warm-up enrichment table uses different x axis setting even thought the table numbers are the same. In fact the warm-up enrichment and accel enrichment seem to have slightly different config settings from default to fixed. Additionally I notice * in the tables of the fixed files but not in the default file. My other race car runs the same engine but has a Link G1 ECU - would sending that file help at all to determine settings? Does data logging help with diagnosis? Do you have a base map for a 4AGE 20v silvertop we could try? As a last resort would using an older G3 PCLink app version be helpful in case this is a version/firmware compatibility issue? Clutching at straws as you can see. Appreciate any further fixes or suggestions you have. Cheers, Lee.
  10. I applied the file with no errors but still no joy with the engine. I did manage to get it to fire if I used a bit of throttle which previously I did not have to do. When doing this the engine would run for a few seconds and then die. Once started if I used the throttle the engine would stall. So it tells me that this map is not exactly what we had and that the default file may not have been serialised correctly from the ECU. Occasionally the engine would fire without the throttle (probably because it had plenty of fuel from previous failed attempts) but again it would stall after a few seconds. For what its worth I've attached the data log for one of these attempts. Other than getting an expensive re-tune what else can you recommend at this point? Were there any other fix options that could be applied to the original file? Cheers. mr2-datalog-0TPS.txt
  11. Will apply this tonight and let you know. Thanks. (fingers crossed).
  12. Thanks for the reply. We don't have the original tune as we inherited the car but the one attached to the thread (mr2-default) was the tune that was downloaded from the ECU before we tried to apply changes. It's located between image 3 and 4. Hope that helps.
  13. Hi, I'm hoping you guys can help me with a problem I'm having with my Link G3 ECU. Up until yesterday we had a perfectly turn key engine. Last night we decided to make an RPM limit change. When we stored the change the engine would no longer fire (it would crank for ages but not start). So we decided to restore the default pcl file back to the ECU. We had downloaded this before making any changes. However when we try this the PCLink software is throwing a warning and changing a value which in turn prevents the engine from firing (again it would crank for ages but not start). We tried a friends pcl for a 4AGE black top and although the engine started it was not in a healthy state - this was to be expected but at least it proved that the PCLink and ECU were still working together. So I'm hoping you can help determine and hopefully correct the corruption or compatibility issue we have. At the very least I hope you have a standard 4AGE 20v base map pcl file that you can send me for the G3 so I can at least get the engine running again. Here are all the details I have that I hope will help you diagnose the problem or suggest a course of action. Engine: Standard Toyota 4AGE 20v (silver top). Attached:The default pcl file that was downloaded from the ECUAn image showing the PC Link Version we are runningAn image showing the ECU Version we are runningAn image showing the Value Out Of Bounds dialogue that pops up when we first open the default pcl in PCLinkAn image showing the options available for selection in the Value Out Of Bounds dialogue (we have tried both - neither work)An image showing the PC Link Warning dialog that appears when we try and store the default pcl to the ECU Please let me know if there are any other details you need to diagnose this issue. mr2-default.pcl
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