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  1. Thank you for the help. I lowered the arming thresholds and it appears to haves fixed the problem.
  2. Hello, I am experiencing an issue with an ecu I have just bought and installed. The car is a 2003 wrx sti running the ver 7-9 plugin link g4. I am experiencing an issue where the car cuts out at around 6000rpm under load, but will rev to the normal 7500rpm limit when the car is stationary. I am suspecting it to be a triggering issue and the error count jumps up when the misfiring happens. AFR gauge isnt wired into ecu but they hover around 11-11.5 in the petrol scale under load. The car runs fine apart from this issue and was running completely fine on the stock ecu. I'm just wondering if anyone could take a look at the log and help me figure out whats going on. sti log misfires a.llg sti log misfires.llg AA 2003 sti e85.pcl
  3. Think i figured it out. Fuel pump was cavitating and sucking in air. Filled the tank to the brim and she runs sweet. Weird that it was doing it with the stock pump too. Thanks for your help guys
  4. OKay so it seems I have misdiagnosed the problem. Did some testing today and it looks like its going super lean on heavey throttle inputs, then will go back to desired afr, then spike lean again, I have no idea why. The strange thing is this only happens in the lower gears (1-3) and its worse in 1st gear hence why i thought it could be the esp messing things up. Does this look like a hardware issue or something in the tune? I've just installed a walbro fuel pump but still had this issue (not as extreme) with the stock pump but I was running less boost with the stock pump. Any input would be appreciated unknown fuel cut.llg
  5. I didn't think it would be able affect it either, I'm guessing the ESP system must be wired into the accelerator pedal harness . I've attatched my tune, im assuming thats what the PCL file you need. I've since located one of the lateral sensors for the ESP system and unplugged it, I'm hoping this wont disable the abs and haldex system. I will report back as soon as I can test drive it Carlos main file (modelled fuel)update.pclr
  6. I have a 2003 Audi TT225 with G4+ plugin ecu. I am having an issue with the ESP kicking in and closing the throttle body well before any wheel spin has occured. It is very intrusive and in 1st gear I cannot accelerate very much at all, especially pulling out of side roads, it still kicks in 2nd and 3rd but not as bad. Once the car is in 4th gear I can accelerate full throttle without a problem. Pressing the ESP off button makes it a little better but its still a massive problem. Just to be clear, I dont have any traction control activated on the ecu, this is the audi factory ESP changing the signal going from the accelerator pedal to the ecu, making it think im lifting off when the pedal is actually flat to the floor. esp cutting throttle.llg
  7. lito

    Fuel pump relay issue

    So I've just installed Audi TT plug and play ECU in a mk4 golf a few days ago and Im thoroughly impressed and overwhelmed at the same time lol. Everything is working fine except for one small issue. Everytime I turned the car off the fuel pump relay with start clicking and the fuel pumps will stay on. I can make it stop by turning the ignition back to accessories, wait until the fuel pump stops priming and then turn it off and it will turn off like normal. I only have this issue with the (link)boost control solenoid wired in, if i disconnect it I dont have the issue. I'm using the factory n75(factory boost control) wiring which matches up with the correct pins for the ecu. Ive tried switching the wires for the boost solenoid but still have the same issue. Does anyone have any insight on why the fuel pump relay is acting up when the boost controller is wired in???
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