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  1. Hi, I'm planning to upgrade from ALTEZZA TALT+ to ALTEZZA TALTX. Is it compatible for the pinout (analog and digital I/O) also for the expansion?
  2. Hi, I'm using G4+ Fury and currently trying to setup fuel pump using FP Speed. Since JZX90 use a fuel pump controller, from what i can find out is it is using 5V PWM signal (but i totally not sure). Please advise on the wiring and setup. Thanks, Zaihas
  3. @cj thank you for your input. I have the same idea where i'll be adding clock divider (divide by 8) to the output sensor output. just trying my luck to see if there is simpler solution.
  4. Thanks Adam, Good info. This sensor has by 8 divisor, which should be like almost ~3KHz at 1 bar (2 PR) with my 14 blade turbo. This will not work. any other DI i can use? This is the link to the sensor - https://www.full-race.com/store/fabrication-materials-kit-builders/electronics/borgwarner-efr-turbo-speed-sensor-kit-2/
  5. I'm planning to install Borg Warner Turbo Speed sensor and connect it to one of the digital input of the expansion connector (DI 9 OR DI 10). From what i understand, these 2 inputs are not capable of measuring frequency. Am i right? If that is the case, then since i'm gonna disable the exhaust VVT (replace the exhaust pulley with static pulley), can i use DI 2 (originally was for the exhaust VVT position) for this purpose? Any impact on trigger? what i believe is the intake VVT sensor also used for piston synchronization. Thanks in advance.
  6. Nvm. i think i figured it out. It is dedicated input no assignment needed.
  7. Thanks for the info Brad! Anyhow, i still confuse about the connection (Knock1). What i thought was analog input (which i'm not sure which AN input) need to be set to function "knock (0-5V)". Then only turn on knock control to "on-internal" to enable internal knock circuitry. Is it the analog pin function assignment is not needed?
  8. Hi, I was wondering if the OEM knock sensor works with AltezzaLink? And which input does it connected to? Thanks! Zaihas
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