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  1. Aim dash wiring

    All good, i have been in tuch with AEM before posting that and had a reply in the meantime. It was just in the settings and CAN ports used. The manual was a bit hard to follow for me so all the cans and ports got me confused, but all sorted now and works awesome. Thanks again
  2. Aim dash wiring

    Hi Scott. Any chance you can do the same thing but with a AEM cd-7 and link thunder ecu? In the link software i have everything exactly as per your pdf file and have the can wires from cd7 running to the thunders wiring harness D plug can1 hi and can1 low. I however get lost when dealing with aem dashdesign to configure theyre end! Cheers. Danny
  3. Digital speed inputs

    Ok cool. I'll try putting series2 sensors see if they are better at it then the series1 im running at the moment, they may have made them better perhaps
  4. Digital speed inputs

    Ok, ive had some success. Went for a drive and im getting all 4x wheel speed sensors to work and show on my logging. Some issues tho and not sure whats at fault, so maybe someone can give me an idea what to try? Rear wheel speed sensors come on fairly early on, around 12kmh, so pretty good. Front wheel speed sensors however start coming on at about 28kmh! So a bit later then what id like, is there anything i can do or try to bring that sensativity earlier on like the rears? Once im 28kmh and over, all 4x are nice and smooth and speeds match fairly well to my dash speedo from what i could see at lower speeds. In the calibration file, i have 2450, i havent tuched this myself so i assume my tuner did, does that sound right? (295/30/18 wheel), and pullup resistor is OFF. I read the help file and it states usual calibration numbers are 170 to 280...so thats way off. I did a quick calculations of my diameter which is 0.634meters (295/30/18), and my abs sensor rings have 48 tooth, so.... 48/0.634×31.83 = 2409.8, so the inputed calibration number is not so far off! Not sure how the extra 50 in the calibration could affect my front sensors picking up speed earlier? Should i try this number?
  5. Digital speed inputs

    Ok, another simple question There are two sets of wheel speeds i can take to log from! One is the wheel speeds from the "digital input" folder and the other wheel speeds are from the "body and chassis" folder. Is there a difference between the two, and if so which one to use for logging?
  6. Digital speed inputs

    Thanks Adam. Ok thats good to know it still works even tho theres a bug(i assumed its not on due to what it stated). I only spun it by hand, so maybe i cant spin it fast enough like you say. I'll try over the weekend one day to go for a spin and see what happends. Thanks again, much appreciated
  7. Digital speed inputs

    Any idea's on the DI14?
  8. Digital speed inputs

    P.S. ive added my file too, in case its needed to check things croydon finished map-danny modified.pclr
  9. Digital speed inputs

    Hey guys. Ive played with the thunder ecu today and managed to work out how to log my wheel speeds etc but came across an issue im not sure of. In the setup ive selected di 11,12,13,14 as my wheel speeds which are running off a supra jza80 abs sensors. 3x of them show that the digital inputs are on and active except for di14! Even tho ive selected it as right front speed in the setup menu. I had the rear up in the air and rear speeds work fine and accurate. Just need to find out why my DI14 states "speed off" ? Any ideas to try? P.S. i had the fronts up in air and am getting no speed either (viewing live via logging and spinning wheels by hand). Tried even another set of sensors. These same wiring i used on my previous racelogic traction control unit with no issues with all 4x speeds reading, so not sure why this is different! EDIT: Added my file, please see next post
  10. Viewing log files help

    Brilliant Simon! Thank you. Lots to play with and test now, how good is this ecu!
  11. Viewing log files help

    Ok, awesome that worked, thank you. I was able to add the g force (and others) and have a look. One thing i noticed was my g force are out! Im getting 1g of lateral acceleration before i even start on the graph! Is there a calibrate g force sensors in the software somewhere? The numbers seem way too high!
  12. Dashes... to suit thunder ecu

    Ive decided on the aem cd7, seems like a good bit of kit and very flexible. Im sure ill have plenty of questions once i start setting it up...
  13. Viewing log files help

    Hi. I am new to thunder ecu so bare with me please. I have went into the logging section, and have enabled paramaters i am interested to be logged via the ecu logging. After a race session, i download and save file before deleting ecu logs. Now when i go to view a specific log file, example, i want to view a log of my g-force, wheel speeds, i cannot see them in my parameter list or i cant figure out how to add them to the time plot to be able to view it! (I am trying to view my logged files offline if that matters?). What am i doing wrong? How do i view or put my speed parameter or g-force to my time plot? Also, my time plot shows say 3 items, engine speed, map, tps... how do i add say my afr to those 3 as well (i can see the afr in my parameter list, but i wsnt to add it to my plot). Im guessing its something simple, but i couldn't work it out last night. Thank you
  14. Dashes... to suit thunder ecu

    Hey guys, I'm in the market to buy a data dash, since i want warnings, data displayed etc. Logging isnt so important as ill be logging everything with the thunder ecu, so if i need to see something i can always load up logging from the ecu. My main concern is suitability with the ecu I'm running... can anyone suggest or confirm which of the dashes they used that worked 100% with no issue's and can accept the links protocol? I want to make it a simple mod and something easy to understand (if that's possible lol). I dont want to buy something just to find out it doesnt support my ecu, or the data seen by the dash becomes odd and unreliable because it doesnt understand it etc. The main ones I'm liking is Aim Mxl2, aim mxs and the just released AEM cd-7. I like the new motecs like c125 even tho maybe a bit small? But am confused with all the features that need to be enabled to have the same capabilities as the aboves? . just confusing to someone like me.. Anyway... opinions and advises appreciated.
  15. Help with wiring/ pinouts... 2jzgte and thunder

    Adam, I have changed the settings to saturated on all 6x injectors, and replaced my dead ignition coil that i had(one of the coils died after only a few drives). Car started fine. Took her out for a quick spin and she rev'd nice and clean with no misfire/breakup whatsoever, so i am 100% sure the problem is fixed and that is all i changed, just need to get the tune and mapping right (runs lean up top) but i will update that as well once done. Yes, mistakes can be made and missed, but you guys were probably busy and in a rush so understandable, but appreciate all the help i got from you guys, maybe if you were to go through it the second time with more time/detail you would of picked it up. Im just glad i picked up on it and was able to solve it, i was starting to pull my hairs out of what i have left lol. Now to unleash the features of this ecu