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  1. @Adamw Just a thought... Is there a way to send a datastream from the link thunder ecu to my AEM cd7 dash logger, so i get a image/sign/light of some kind that will tell me if the ecu is in logging mode?( say a image comes up that says "logging" as soon as the thunder ecu starts logging. That way i'll know if the thunder is logging, and if it doesnt, ill be able to keep a record and report it etc?
  2. Excellent. ive just added it and tried it, works like a charm :) Again, thanks for the excellent support as always :
  3. Ok, i found the MGP in the Links software, so i added it for logging wich will make it much easier for me when viewing logs...awesome. However, i cant find MGP when im searching it in the AEM dash softwhere! to add it as a stream. Theres intake manifold pressure (MAP)( wich ive been using ) And there Boost pressure, could this be the one thats MGP?
  4. haha sorry, i realised PSI is not metric, but i hate KPA so i use the USA Imperial for pressure haha, the rest is metric like speedo etc :) Yes, using MAP...Ok, ill try to see if i can find this MGP in there, thanks alot, i knew there must be something im doing wrong :)
  5. I am after a hopefully simple answer. I have a thunder ecu and AEM cd7 dash. The ecu is setup to read metric(PSI) and so is the dash, but my boost/intake manifold pressure is reading in positive reading while at idle( my case 9psi on idle). Am i to understand its reading this number 9psi because atmospheric pressure = 14.7psi , so take away my vacum at idle ( in this case 5.7psi), and i end up with a 9psi reading at idle? I mean the ecu does the same thing, to figure out my boost pressure, i have to always minus the 14.7psi of total. Is there a simple way to delete the way the ecu see's this 14.7psi atmo? can it be setup to read in negative for vacum, and positive when under pressure? basically the same way a normal gauge would work if you hooked it up?
  6. Aem have a setup file for link ecu on theyre forum. You need to select that in the can setup software and select a layout. Once done you upload to ecu. Link ecu also has a few setups needing adjusting in the can stream tab. Which part are you struggling with?
  7. Can you guys that have traction control somewhat working, post the setup screen/values screenshot please so i can use as a starting point? I have the 2 settings setup/button (traction off/traction on) for now but will go for multi setup once its figured out. Cheers
  8. Did you check your injector settings in the software?
  9. Nice. How would i setup to start logging above a certain speed like 25km until engine off? Thats a good idea. Yes i want to try for it to log only once and stop when engine off, that may be the fix for my intermitant logging on and off.
  10. Thanks Andy for another suggestion on how i can set it to start logging. Is there a reason why this method would work better then say set the activation trigger rpm at >500(or any other low number like 200rpm) in the normal logging setup? Or did you try both ways and found your method fixed the "sometimes not logging issue"? When setup via normal activation trigger in the logging setup... Cheers.
  11. Thanks for letting link know, good to see im not the only one with the issue. Maybe more people will come in after reading this post. Problem is, i like to download the log after every race , i dont let it get full. But still dont understand how after many cycles and 2 race sessions i only ended up with 2 and a bit minutes of log! When did it start to log? When did it stop? And now currently logging again! Just weird...
  12. Ive been thinking... Since i have it to start logging from 800rpm, what happens is when my car is cold, it will idle at say 700rpm(no idle motor), gradually as it starts warming up the idle will raise and get to the point where the logging will start, but whats happening(i was watching) the logging would flicker on/off/on/off etc constantly for a good say 30sec until the engine warms up more and passing the 800rpm threshold and settles to a 920/950rpm idle once fully warmed up. During this constant on/off, maybe at some point the logging freezes and stops recording because its going haywire in those 30seconds or so. But in saying that, that would also happen if you were to set it to turn on at anything say over 5% tps, or anything over 1psi boost etc... during a race it would also be going on/off hindred times... What i might try anyway, is for it to start logging at anything above 500rpm, that way it starts logging at first startup and doesnt stop logging until switched off( that way i eliminate the flickering on/off of the logging when my idle reaches the 800rpm point ) does that make any sense what im trying to explain? If you can try mimicking the on/off constantly and see if it freezes(stops logging ) at some point that may show up? But you cant be resetting the power to it as you may miss it freezing up, just like how it started working again on mine after i power cycled again...
  13. hi Adam. I sent you the file via your email. I tried inserting it here but there is a very low limit of 143kb size so wasn't able to, unless I'm doing something wrong? Let me know if you find out anything please. cheers
  14. This is what i got out of it today I then started it today to see if it was logging without any changes, and it was as you can see the highlighted. Then checked the log again and you can see it logged another 30/40seconds or so...so its working!
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