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  1. tarlo

    Co2 boost control

    Oh yeah i see what you mean. The same result could be achieved by different duty cycles and a constant CO2 pressure with the link yeah? in fact that is generally how i run mine most of the time i just use a trim pot to set the duty cycle. I i don't quite see how the controller could be more precise at controlling boost without actually referencing the variable its controlling? it wouldn't be able to account for variances like pressure in the exhaust manifold that would slightly affect the waste gate valve or changes in barometric pressure. I would imagine a well tuned pid referencing inlet manifold pressure would out perform a duty cycle/pressure in top hat of wastegate based system at maintaining target accuracy. What are your thoughts Adam? also i don't mean this in a disrespectful way i really like to discuss stuff like this and brainstorm different ways of attacking problems.
  2. tarlo

    Co2 boost control

    thats interesting.... If you were controlling pressure on either side of the diaphragm you would still need to reference map in the controller to as to see the target yeah? Or does the controller just view/control the pressure in the top of the gate not the bottom and the inlet still acts on that?
  3. pheonix what does your cam sensor look like? i had an early ross setup with the curved teeth on the balancer and i had the below style of cam trigger circle with slots. they now run the square tooth crank and the cam is a key hole shaped thing. the earlier cam trigger caused issues due to the balance hole causing false triggering. Ross were very good about the whole thing as they were not the owners back when these were produced but looked after me with replacement parts. I also found the sensors ultra sensitive to gap if you are to close to the pickup it will cause trigger errors at high rpm. I also moved from the honeywell gt101 to the cherry version was recommended by various people although i never had any issues with the honeywell the cherry is supposedly better suited to the application than the honeywell. i attached a pic of the trigger picking up the balance hole for your reference also.
  4. tarlo

    Co2 boost control

    That sounds like an expensive way to achieve the same result. That's exactly what i am doing except you dont need two mac valves just one you can run as small a spring as you like. You dont need feedback from the top of the gate you want to control boost in the manifold not specifically pressure in the waste gate top hat. You use a PID in the ecu and the co2 and you can set boost vs time, speed or whatever you like and achieve the same result maybe even better as the boost is referenced from the manifold not pressure differential on the diaphragm of the gate. the main advantage with the system your describing i would imagine will be less co2 used. However i use the car for track work and haven't been through a bottle of co2 yet. I would think you would get years out of a drag car providing you use needle and seat valves.
  5. I would love in the future if you could step up virtual logic to be programmable perhaps in function block or text with Boolean (and and or if etc) to allow lots of flexability to the end user. the virtuals are great but can be limiting. Thanks
  6. tarlo

    Co2 boost control

    i have co2 boost control on my skyline using the fury to control it. I just use a 1kg co2 bottle with a 3 pot mac valve it works really well however i needed to use pneumatic needle and seat valves to get it smooth which also saves co2 they were about $10 from a air plant shop. Can run a 3psi spring and achieve 40psi can do nice boost vs speed tables etc awesome for track. If you need any info let me know and ill email you pics
  7. tarlo

    issue with virtual aux

    Hi guys i have been mucking around with virtual auxiliaries and when i was setting up (see attachment) i found that making timer 3 the third condition it doesn't put the time unit after the value. i figured it would be seconds as above so i entered 10 but found that it trigger after 0.100 of a second or there abouts. i tried putting timer 3 > into condition 3 of virtual aux 5 and it did not have the same problem. Is this a bug or is there something i'm missing? thanks Matt
  8. tarlo

    iat sensor

    hi just wondering if anyone knows where i can get another iat sensor the same as this one it has eaton markings on it but i cant find any info on it anywhere
  9. hi guys when veiwing log files with my fury i have a few time plot with rpm map etc, one of them is lambda and it auto scales itself between 0-10 due to the lamda being of scale when logging begins which makes the resolution terrible and it just looks like a flat line. you can zoom vertically but it only gets you so far and it still has to large a scale is there any way i can fix the scale from .6-1.3 etc last run.llg sony vaio 8.7.17.llf 6.8.17.pclr
  10. hi guys just wanted to post this to help other that may come accross it i purchased an r31 with rb30 in it and ross trigger setup it had honeywell gt101's on it at the time i rewired the car and in the process replaced the honeywells with cherry alternatives when car runs i found that i was getting no consitent trigger errors 30-40/5min period after help form adam and simon and ross (all were extremely helpfull) found that the particular pickup i have was one which ross dont make anymore due to having trigger errors you can see in the trigger scopes below a normal cycle and i was lucky enough to trigger scope right when an error occured which you can see is the large pulse inbetween the two cam pulses this is caused by the cherry sensors being sensitive enough to pickup the balencing hole inside the pickup opposite the cam pulse. (honeywell sensors as far as im awear have some sort of integrated filtering which stops this occuring) ross have very kindly said they will replace the pickup thanks again to simon and adam esspecially who made fault finding this alot easier matt
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