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  1. Hi, After tuning up the car and started driving on the road I notice what I run high boost and over 5500 rpm the Check Engine light goes on (Steady, not flashing) All was well on the dyno with all the external sensors attached so shouldn't be a problem with knocking. (I wish though we had seen it while on the dyno to better diagnose but yeah, we didn't) I'm just wondering what is events that would trigger this? I'm suspecting it's triggering from some "jiggery" we had to do for the injectors (going to be changed) but couldn't find a table of what would generate this from the ECU.
  2. Thanks, solved it all. Getting a bit more comfortable with the software. I'm going to run the "Trigger Calibration" under "Pre-Start Configuration" could you check if I found the right setting to put the injectors in "OFF"? See Injector.jpg attached Side note: Any idea why the Oil temp is reporting 90C? (See redbox in injector.jpg) Thinking of just ignore and monitor until I've done trigger calibration and first startup? Also I'm trying to test the connected Boost control solenoid but can't locate in the Config software where I can activate "Test PWM" to test the channel and verify that it's connected correctly. Any screenshot where that is hiding out?
  3. Starting to move forwards after some hardware mishaps (fuel line leaks) and finally got to the point of booting up the ECU for the first time and doing the checks. While learning the software I thought I messed up a config and then used "Restore to Factory Setting". Well, that did the trick of removing all the pre-loaded config for the GTRLINK - #NGTR+. Is this file available somewhere? I've tried to search and look thru the base maps that are available but can seem to find the "default" basemap so I can reload it and start over again. I'm just trying to get thru the initial setup and testing before handing it over to the professionals and since I saw there were some fault codes (before I did the trick with "Factory reset") on the Oxygen sensor (AN Volt 6 below error low value) I have some "kinks" to work out. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated to restore it with the factory pre-loaded basemap.
  4. PeteR34


    Hi Clint, Thanks for the help, got everything wired up and double checked. Task for tonight would be to get the ECU started in "base map" + testing before sending it of to a tuner for propper setup. So hopefully for the last "noob" question: Other than checking the firmware revision and update this to latest version, do I need to load the base map when I bought GTRLINK - #NGTR+ or is it pre-loaded from you? If so, I feel that this is a step I can skip If I need to load the base map would this be "Nissan GTS-GTR G4+ Extreme Plugin"? I'm thinking this is for a different ECU family tho..
  5. PeteR34


    Thanks for the answers and feedback. Follow up on the Fuel-pump: Is the grounding of Brown wire there for make sure that there is not current creep for the FPCM? From you feedback I'm doing the following (see my execllent Paint skills below) Pretty much bypassing the whole FPCM so this will make the circuit disabled even if I don't ground the Brown wire? About chapter 6.7 I've attached a screen print from the manual here. I do see that parallell to general outputs (like testing the fuelpump and WG solenoid for correct operation so let I'll use it as a reminder in the pre-check phase. Chapter 6.7.pdf
  6. PeteR34


    Hi. Vehicle: Skyline GTR R34 2001 ECU: GTRLINK - #NGTR+, Using the on-board MAP sensor. I'm trying to wrap my head around a couple of things and can't seem to come to a conclusion after searching here on the forums: Fuel pump: I'm thinking of changing out the stock fuel pump with 2x AEM in-tank fuel pumps. However when I look over the stock circuit/setup I can see that it won't support the current draw that 2 fuel pumps will demand. Other mounting a separate relay's and controlling it with Ignition, is that a hack out there that will allow me to use the FPCM circuit? WG Solenoid : Upgrading the BCS with this unit from NZEFI and using the built-in boost controller: http://www.nzefi.com/product/high-flow-boost-control-solenoid/ Just checking as I can't find to much about this in the manual but I'm thinking that the ECU is hardcoded to use the BCS stock outputs without any more setup? Question to Chapter 6.3 I'm using the built-in MAP that is factory calibrated. I'm thinking I can then skip this step? Question to Chapter 6.7 in the manual: Since I'm using the GTRLINK - #NGTR+ ECU, I'm thinking that this chapter only applies to whatever I've connected to the expasion loom? Thanks for any help! Pete GTR fuel pump control.pdf
  7. Ok thanks! Off to get the plumbing done accordingly then
  8. Sorry for the late reply but have been busy with the install. Used you directions and we are getting somewhere. Another question about stock boost sensor (not solenoid, but sensor) I'm installing a new boost solnoid so that I can use the built-in boost controller in the Link G4+ and I think I'm getting there. However, I abit unsure how to solve the stock boost sensor that is mounted behind the intake plenum. I think this only goes to the ECU to get the boost level displayed on the MFD. My question is "Are the OEM boost sensor now obselete and can be totally removed? Will the build in MAP take over this job?" I have no problem leaving the OEM boost sensor but if not I have the chance to remove while I'm doing the work. Thanks!
  9. Hi, New user and now doing a first installtion on my R34 GTR and got a qouple of questions. Reading the manual + PC Link Help and under known issues: Back feeding on R34: When I read power supply do you mean the wire that goes and activates the relay spool? A/C condition input (Di4) How do I identify if my GTR needs to have this done? Installing a "boost switch" to activate a "Hi-boost" map I have installed exp. harness and thinking of using DI5 and run this over to the switch. The other side I'm going to run to ground. In the software I will set DI5 with low-side and using a pull-up resistor. (Will I need to set a value on the resistor or is this standard?) I'm I going in the right direction? Thanks for any help! Best regards, Pete
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