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  1. boostDR

    Link thunder sometimes doesnt log data

    I’ve had the same issue with my Fury. My theory was when I changed the log setup but didn’t store before changing a parameter in the tune it wouldn’t log. If I changed the log setup, stored straight away it would be ok. Matt
  2. boostDR

    Warm Start Struggles

    I had a similar issue. Couldn’t sort it out. Running a truck battery jumped helped which made me think the dead time vs voltage was off. But I feel that may be related to better spark to ignite the mixture The thing that fixed it completely was removing my Xspurt 1000cc injectors which had the dispersion disc machined off like other high flow injectors (ID,etc) and replacing with Bosch 3/4 long nose 980cc injectors. These have a proper dispersion cap (7 hole maybe) rather than the garden hose single outlet. All my problems went away. Black smoke disappeared, starting problems were non existent Car felt OEM again and picked up some fuel economy and power. Picked up the problem by filming the injector firing at cranking on a high speed camera. The Xspurt injector would hit the valve/port and stick to it mostly, the Bosch would hit it and bouch back in a mist Ball night and day difference. The Amount of post injection Tau(wall wetting) is very obvious with less than desired atomization. May not be your problem but though it worth mentioning my experience Matt
  3. boostDR

    Limiting Torque

    Yep, my Evo rod went at high rpm. Use a fuel based rpm limiter and keep the max rpms reasonable.
  4. boostDR

    [UPDATE] PCLink Released

    4D fuel table adds it own Axis value of 6552.7... removed it and it comes back. Cheers Matt
  5. boostDR

    0-5v output for MAF simulation

    I've attached my Duty Cycle vs Voltage output lookup table for reference. My cct design: 1KR 510R 22uf 4000kHz constant (Aux 1) Matt MAF_VOLTAGEvsFREQ.xlsx
  6. boostDR

    0-5v output for MAF simulation

    Ok, modified the cct. Works as expected now, thankyou. 15 % duty at 1kHz is 5.1v 84.5% is 0.05v response time is ok. You can see a slight ripple at the second decimal point. I might try 4kHz on the weekend and see how it goes. Matt
  7. boostDR

    0-5v output for MAF simulation

    I have it set up as GP PMW and 1000hz constant. Duty: 100% is 3.3v and 0% is 6.8v The PWM output goes to ground at 100% and sits at about 7v at 0%. Wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Can seem to get the required scaling.
  8. boostDR

    0-5v output for MAF simulation

    Done. Will post up the frequency vs voltage once I do some testing.
  9. boostDR

    0-5v output for MAF simulation

    Hi Adam. Any chance you could post that R-C cct solution. :-) Kind Regards, Matt
  10. boostDR

    0-5v output for MAF simulation

    Sorry I have a Fury. Sounds good. Enjoy the Easter break. Chat soon.
  11. boostDR

    0-5v output for MAF simulation

    Hi, Is there a way to output 0-5v referenced to MAP ? I want to remove my MAF sensor however the TCU still requires the reference signal. Kind Regards, Matt
  12. boostDR

    Shift light (PWM) resets on restart to low side

    Just found in the help me notes, “only a few auxiliary output functions allow high side driving, ie GP output and CAM switched” I used CAM-Switched and it works fine now. So not a firmware bug ;-) Matt
  13. Hi. I found the shift light output which I have set on Aux 5 defaults back to low side when the ecu is restarted. I require High side however it won’t save the setting. The driven source is 36 ohms so should be under .5 Amp draw Is this possibly a firmware glitch? My firmware is: Matt
  14. boostDR

    Fury tuning and communications port simultaneously

    This is exactly what I did. Cut the gray and yellow wire near the plug. Both comms now work without a problem. :-)
  15. boostDR

    Fury tuning and communications port simultaneously

    Mate. Your a legend. Easy fix. I’ll let Perfect Tuning know also. Im using CAN B already for info thanks again, great support. Matt