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  1. AlexLSX7

    Aim MXS Strada Dash disconnecting

    They all have their own IDs, but no i haven't set them to the same bit rate. Will give that a try thanks Would it be better to set the widebands to 1mbit or the dash to 500?
  2. AlexLSX7

    Aim MXS Strada Dash disconnecting

    I have just wired up a brand new Aim MXS Strada 1.2 to my Link G4+ Xtreme. I have set the canbus settings as shown in the Link Help files on both the ECU and Dash. The dash will receive a signal from the ECU for a minute or so and then it will disconnect. If i go into the CANBUS settings on the ECU software then click 'Apply' it will reconnect again for around a minute or so. I set TPS as one of the readings on the dash so i know when its just about to disconnect as the readings will stop then go blank. I havent run the engine yet, this is just with the key switched to the 'ON' position. I have 2 AEM Widebands working through CANBUS that have been fine before this, so not sure what the problem could be? Any ideas?
  3. I have setup a digital gauge for GP Speed on DI 1 and it comes up as KPH no matter what my unit settings are for both imperial and metric. Any ideas how to fix it so it displays MPH?
  4. AlexLSX7

    5v off SPA Design Gauges

    i have 3 dual SPA Design gauges in my car and was wondering if anyone had used the 5v Signal from them and wired them into the Link? I would like to have the Fuel Pressure wired into the Link for safety purposes and logging. If you look at page 7 you will see the plnout for the plug http://www.spa-uk.co.uk/SPA/docs/DG60 manual issue 1.1.pdf
  5. AlexLSX7

    Remote/email tuning.

    I havent done a boost run yet but off boost i did last night and its running great. I haven't done any timing yet though, that's mainly because my car is pretty aggressive and has a lot of torque (twin turbo ls3) with long gears. With the timing at 15* across the board its still picking up like an absolute monster and were picking up a lot of speed.
  6. AlexLSX7

    Remote/email tuning.

    Take the HP Academy Course and do it yourself. Its not particularly hard once you have the correct information. I finished the course a month or so back and took my car out the first time today for some tuning using the base setup they tell you to start with. Within 5 mins i had the car from a bucking stuttering mess to fairly drive able. Within about 1 hour i have a fairly decent cruise fuel map with no spluttering and pretty smooth drive-ability.
  7. AlexLSX7

    Slow reacting

    64 Bit, Windows 10, Intel Onboard Graphics, USB2 fine USB3 slow pretty much all the time. Scaling at 100%
  8. AlexLSX7

    Slow reacting

    I have just done some testing on my Dell laptop which only has 2 USB ports. One is USB 3 (Blue) and the other is USB 2 (Black). I have been using the left USB 3 port as it was easier to plug in while in the car. I swapped it over to the USB 2 port on the other side and i now no longer have any lag what so ever in the software. It was really bad before,. I have found this the case many times in Windows 7 and Windows 10. A lot of devices just dont work well in a USB 3 port unless they are USB 3 themselves. Most likely a driver issue. Check your laptops and see which port you are using as it may be the same case for you too.
  9. Has anyone tried wiring a Corsa C (GM) electronic steering column into a Link G4 so it can control the speed sensitive steering? At the moment i have an eBay box which has a manual control knob, which doesnt make a huge difference to sensitivity.
  10. AlexLSX7

    Slow reacting

    I have a similar thing. I have a 6 month old Dell laptop with an i3, 8GB RAM, SSD and Intel onboard graphics running Windows 10 which lags, moving between windows, changing settings etc. Then it will be ok for a minute or two then lag again. Its fine not being connected to the ECU. This laptop i rebuilt specifically for tuning as its smaller than the Lenovo and has long battery life. I have a slightly older laptop Lenovo i7, 8gb RAM, SSD and intel onboard again which works flawlessly. I have used other laptops too which have no issues. I would think this is probably something to do with USB/Windows 10 more than anything else.
  11. AlexLSX7

    Short Pulse Width Adder values changing

    Ok thanks Adam.
  12. AlexLSX7

    Short Pulse Width Adder values changing

    I am planning on fitting my ID1050x injectors tomorrow and am updating my injector settings on the Link G4+ Xtreme. I have the spreadsheet from ID for the Link with the correct settings, but when i add the ones provided, the software changes them to very slightly different values. e.g. - 0.125 = -0.0131 When i add that in, the software will change it to 0.0128 As these values seem to be pretty tight between each value, i imagine using what the Link decides is not the correct way to go about it. Any ideas why they are changing and how I can get the correct ones added?
  13. AlexLSX7

    G4+ Xtreme Wiring help

    Really appreciate your time Adam, will take a look when i'm home from work.
  14. AlexLSX7

    G4+ Xtreme Wiring help

    That would be awesome, thanks. Yeah i have e-throttle and e-pedal I have an AEM wideband, but have done the HP tuners course and they seem to tune in lambda unless i just change that to read in lambda? If you look at the second post he is saying the low reference are sensors with them listed - https://ls1tech.com/forums/conversions-hybrids/1786832-ls2-e40-c206-pinout-confusion.html Yeah i have a TR6060 6spd manual Just did some googling on the alternator - Connector 2 - Pin 45 - Generator Field Duty Cycle Signal Connector 2 - Pin 56 - Generator Turn On Signal
  15. AlexLSX7

    G4+ Xtreme Wiring help

    So I have done lots of wiring before but never an ECU. I have pretty much failed at the first hurdle when it has come to wiring the Xtreme ECU to my car. I need some help/pointers/direction on quite a few bits as what i thought wasn't going to be to a fairly simple task, has me at a complete loss right now! Before i give up and spend a fortune on getting someone to do it for me, can anyone help? So I have an RX7 with an LS3 and twin turbos. I know the engine has the 24x reluctor wheel and the 2006-2007 LS2 GTO Harness. So there is quite a few things i am confused about which i are all in the attached spreadsheet. If someone could have a look at it and give some feedback that would be greatly appreciated. Also, there are a lot of grounds on the Link Plugs. Where do i wire these too? Also the shielded ground? GTO 2006-2007 PCM Pinout to Link Pin.xlsx