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  1. Thanks mate, I was trying to repurpose the existing EFI oil temp as this isn't being used but i haven't had any luck getting it to work. i should of just bought the link dash R31.pclr r31.rcg
  2. Hi, I've added a Gearbox temp sensor that is wired into AN TEMP 3, I can see that the sensor works correctly when connected to my laptop, but I'm having a bit of trouble getting it to to display on my racepack iq3 . I have also tried going into the link CAN set up to add the Gearbox temp sensor as a parameter to be streamed, but I still can get it to display. Everything else is working on the iq3 display. Any insight into how I could get it to display this new temp sensor would be great?
  3. Hi. Im trying to work out the correct wiring for the speed sensor on my link g4+ ecu, im running an rb30et with an rb25 gear box and have an IQ3 racepak display so far everything works correctly apart form the gear display and kph display on the IQ3 dash. I have re run the wiring from the speed sensor on the gearbox to the ecu the sensor has 2 wires one is signal and the other is ground, the signal wire is connected to pin 29 (Di3 vehicle speed) but im confused to what pin the ground needs to be connected to? Im assuming the ground needs to be connected into the ecu? Thanks Alex.
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