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  1. 2jzE60

    Retrofitting wheel speed sensor for link g4+ storm

    2jz on bmw e39 gearbox in an e60 chassis lol Im basically going to use the tablet as my dash and leave the stock clocks defunked behind it, so want to be able to display speed on the tablet, and seeing as i am unfamiliar with canbus, i thought id go back to old school trigger and pickup. I guess easiest route will be to use cv joint/driveshaft. Ive seen a few trigger wheels on ebay for speed sensing etc, most appear to have 12 teeth so im guessing this is the "standard" if you like for speed related triggering
  2. Evening, im after a little advice....i want to run my 7 inch tablet to display all engine parameters including speed upto 200mph.....i can not use the cars stock abs sensors as it will have a massive spaz, so my question is, how/is there any "kits" or ways thats best to set up a sensor/pickup arrangement and wheres the best location to do this??? Front/rear hub? Probshaft? Would a 12 tooth trigger wheel mounted to say a driveshaft/cv joint and a GT101 hall effect sensor work???? Would it be best on a driven or un-driven wheel??? Thanks in advance
  3. 2jzE60

    Cam sensor position on 2jzge

    Hi, im currently building a 2jz NA-T build and converting from dizzy to coil on plug, crank trigger setup but would also like to run a cam sensor so i can go full sequential. My question is that on the 2jzge cams there are pickup lobes on the camshafts, but is it vital that the relation of the cam position sensor is in a specific position in regards to the crank trigger wheel? Im a little green to this side of engine building and is my first real full wiring/management build lol. Is it purely a reference point or is there a specific degrees BTDC on #1cylinder the cam sensor should be??? Thanks in advance Nik