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  1. I'm using these. http://www.kasensors.com/sites/default/files/downloads/SP08 Wheel Speed 10.18.pdf
  2. Fantastic, thank you. Firmware now updated and switch now set to toggle. Thanks
  3. Yes DI3 and DI4 switch to ground. In runtime values DI3 is set to Traction disable switch. When DI 3 is earthed it shows as active for about a second then turns off. I have tried another switch but still same. Both DI3 and DI4 are earthed at the same point. have attached map. Thank you. NDMarch19 with TC.pclr
  4. Thanks, I have it all wired up. Front Wheel speed is DI1 Rear is DI2, Traction disable switch is DI3 and to switch between traction table 1 and 2 is DI4. looking at the runtime data spinning the wheels DI1 and 2 show as being active. switching DI4 to earth shows the switch as active but DI3 The traction disable switch only shows to be briefly active then goes back to off is this correct? I would have thought that DI3 would remain active until switched back? Thanks for the help.
  5. I find my track car runs slightly rich when driven on the road is it possible to have the closed loop function operated by a switch on the dash. If so how would I go about setting it up. Thanks
  6. In the past I have paid for my Extreme ECU to be fitted and have been disappointed in the quality of the work so I would like to do this myself. I am not very confident when it comes to wiring so please excuse the basic questions. Fitted KA SP08-NPN-25-100-100 hall effect sensors. do these have to be connected to sensor ground or just normal earth? Pullup resistor set to OFF? Active edge rising or falling? Using DI 1 for LF wheel speed and DI 2 for RR wheel speed. I'm OK with the calibration. DI 3 is set to Traction disable switch. Pullup resistor ON? on level set to LOW? Rocker switch wired to normal ground. Am I right in thinking that if I enable table 2 the Disable switch will switch between the two tables? Looking forward to trying this out. Thanks.
  7. I have made the front trigger wheel with 12 teeth and really please with results. Moving on to the rear and things aren't as simple. My easiest (possibly only) option is to use the 6 bolts that attach the disc. will this work? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks, no doubt I will have more questions as I proceed. Cheers
  9. I would like to fit traction control to my 5.0L MGB. ECU is Link G4+Extreme. Planning to have some trigger wheels made, is there an optimum number of teeth that I should use. Thanks.
  10. v8bloke

    Rev limiter

    My G4 extreme, the limiter is too harsh seems to cut fully. Could someone please have a look and suggest alterations to my setup. Normally asperated v8 5.0 in a light car. Thanks Mark ND Map.pclr
  11. Thanks, much appreciated. I have sent the logs to tech@linkecu.com also posting them here incase anyone is interested to take a look. Mark Log 2017-07-1 3;11;49 pm.llg .pclr123.pclr Not sure if I have done this right as I cant see AFR anywhere in the log?
  12. Normally aspirated and using downdraught throttle bodies. Fuel pressure is constant throughout. Any comments? do these numbers look OK? Thanks Mark
  13. Had my MGB 5.0L rover v8 + G4+ extreme black mapped on a rolling road recently. Now the Guy has gone on month long holiday so need some help please. It drives really nice when cruising but AFR goes very lean and engine pops back when accelerating. feels like its holding back. I'm not sure about the Accel wakeup/load correction. The Accel load axis is set to TPS. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark
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