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    Map history

    This is what I'm worried about so I'm trying to just sound like an idiot till I pick the car up and actually see what happened. The only way for a valve to kiss a piston is if the timing jumps or they advance it to much right? This is on an evo 5 with a built 4g64 2.4 engine for the record. I was getting etuned by a respectable tuner but was having issues setting the car up myself but I heard about this shop that has an awd dyno and basically deals with my tuner to set up cars. He'll etune them while they monitor stuff on their dyno and they'll do all the basic setup getting the cars ready for the tunes...it sounded like a perfect solution but now I'm pretty screwed. When I was setting up the car myself with the tuner before there was an issue with the idle so he told me to take a picture of my timing and send it to him and he told me it was right then. So now I'll atleast know if that's any different
  2. Pahooool

    Map history

    Hi, I've recently had a disaster involving my tuner. Car is 3 hours away from me right now and apparently the valve kissed the piston. I have a picture of my timing from before the car left for the tune so I'll know if the belt has jumped, but if they advanced the timing to much to cause this, I'm sure they'd change the settings back later to cover their tracks. I'm trying to keep this as down low until I see the car myself so they don't try to cover anything up, but is their a way to see what changes were made to the map in the past?
  3. Turns out the input was on AI4, but the wiring was changed at some point to a normal GP output instead of the GP PWM. Thanks for the help everyone
  4. ok I found the ground problem, Those two sensors weren't grounded to the sensor ground pin, but now everythings fixed and operating properly. Im left with another weird issue though. This was going on before but I thought I'd deal with it later. Whenever I turn the key to the on position the Rad fans turn on. On runtime values all the engine fans say they're off, and I've tried configuring them on both options for auxiliary output. (evo 5 and evo 8 are different) but nothing seems change these fans. any suggestions?
  5. Yes the ecu says its at 5 volts output
  6. Yes the 5v says 5.02 on pc link. I guess there must be a short somewhere but that doesn't make much sense to me considering this car was running on a haltech ps1000 before and I didn't change any wiring on either of those sensors to switch over to the Link
  7. Ok. so embarrassingly enough I found the one short which turns out I had my map sensor plugged in upside down....I know I know....but now I still have an issue. The MAP sensor and inlet temp sensor are working properly, however the TPS and coolant temp sensor are continuously getting more then the 5v maximum. When I checked the coolant temp sensor it was getting 8.4 volts. Any idea why this would be?
  8. Yeah I just checked it and I'm only getting 1.7 volts
  9. here it is. I double checked all my wiring...don't really know what to do. FINAL.pclr The only analog channel that reads properly is analog 4 going to the wideband
  10. Hey guys I'm just trying to get my g4+ set up on my Evo 5 and I'm running into weird problems with the voltage analog signals. First I get a code 74 for 5v supply error, and with that I also get code 14 and 20 (meaning voltage signal below the set limit) and codes 43 and 16 (meaning voltage above the limit). I checked the limits and they all seem normal, but what's happening is when I turn the key on the voltage on the analog channels fluctuates faster then you can even see. I'm pretty much a noob at all of this and trying to learn as I go but I'm getting an etune so I have to figure out the set up aspect of it on my own pretty much. thanks for any help in advance
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