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  1. Jordan B

    Newbie advice

    ive attached a copy of my map will this help bambam january.pclr
  2. Jordan B

    Newbie advice

    Hi guys got my bike up and running its a little on the rich side ive tried adjusting the affected fuel cell from 36 to 28 but no difference to the afr am i going about this the right way and also what does the number reference to is it percentage or just a number Thanks in advance
  3. Jordan B

    voltage drop

    Hi yes sorry the ecu is switching a relay for the fuel pump and nothing else is effecting the voltage only the pump so im guessing its broken down inside and is shorting out
  4. Jordan B

    voltage drop

    Hi guys and girls after some advise when my fuel pump is activated by the ecu it drops the voltage from 12v to 9v ive checked pump and its only drawing 4amps at 45psi has anyone else had an issue similar to this cheers
  5. Hi im using a link atom G4+ and my engine coolant temperature is constantly on 96 degrees help please
  6. Got it running but it wont idle happily with out alot of throttle and then dies what direction should i be looking in
  7. Got it started thanks for ur help guys
  8. Gteat got the sensor in the correct position now and tried to start last night with no luck battery was at 9v would this cause a non starter
  9. Arrr that could be the issue then ive set my sensor up wrong i think the gap is 90 degrees before tdc but it fires at tdc so i will move it tonight and see if it solves the issue cheers
  10. Im using a 36-1 trigger wheel with a Ford ka two wire mag sensor can ive read that the sensors can be wired the wrong way would this cause my issue
  11. Hi im using a link atom G4+ on my 4 stroke 200cc turbo charged single cylinder motorcycle my local tuner has helped me with the base settings and ive got all the essentials like spark, fuel and fuel pump working and all the sensors but the issue is it runs momentarily and cuts as it does this the rpm limit fault shows and im getting rpm readings of 17000rpm can someone please point me in the right direction please
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