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  1. Hey guys Just finished tuning my 97 fd3s on a G4 Extreme ecu and we made 610bhp using water meth injection. Aem coils, aem wideband walbro 450lph pump and Bosch 1650 and 750cc injectors on a half bridge with large D type exhaust ports. Ecu is awesome and very tuneable compared to the Apexi unit that came out of it!
  2. Ah ok thank you. Thought the lambda needle was registering before so wasn't sure if I had an issue or not. Car has only done 250 miles on ecu approximately.
  3. Won't let me attach a file to my posts. I have a stock O2 sensor and also an innovate wideband but it's not connected. Ecu is very new so I'm not used to the settings yet! 97 fd3s
  4. Hey guys I'm getting a 0 reading on lambda avg and highlighted in red in my fd3s. Lambda Needle on display isn't moving either on acceleration?
  5. Thank you very much for the reply. Lots of detail there. Will ask my tuner to look into this next time I'm in! James
  6. Hey guys. I'm looking to connect my asus to my link and have downloaded the torque app and have a cable to connect between the 2. What else do I need to do to get them to communicate please? Also the link had an issue running my omp. Kept on coming up with out of range errors. Limiting to 2.5k Eventually had to switch it off and run full premix for now! Thanks in advance for any help James
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