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  1. MINI Cooper R53 Knock Control Setup

    For a street car I would agree with you, but this ECU is for a race motor that will spend over 50% of its life at WOT. Knock Control is the final line of defense against race conditions not anticipated in the various trims, or variations in fuel.
  2. MINI Cooper R53 Knock Control Setup

    Well, this thing is worthless to me then. Does the new MINI plug in support knock?
  3. Hello, I have a G4 Plug-In (G4 Topboard Extreme, Firmware 4.10.2) for my 2003 MINI Cooper S, and I am setting up Knock Control. The diagram in PCLink Help labels Pin 8 as Knock 1, and it is the pin where the MINI Knock Sensor terminates. But when setting up Knock Control the only option is ON - DI Knk Interface. Is selecting ON - DI Knk Interface all I have to do? TIA Alan