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  1. Just been having a play around with this myself. You want to set a disarming speed and you also want it controlled by a switch as the car will be undrivable with it enabled unless you are launching. Your disarming speed will depend on what surface you are launching on etc. I found a low speed worked alright for gravel, but I haven't done much testing yet.
  2. Hi Adam Thanks very much for the replies. I'm on holiday now so I'll have to send it back in a couple of weeks when I get back. Is this sort of thing covered under a warranty? Or what would it cost to replace the DAC module? Matt
  3. Well I was going to email this to Link Support but I cant find an email address so here it is.Can anyone help me? Subaru Impreza STI V4 with Link G4 Plug-In ECU Vehicle Details 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX STI V4 ECU: Link G4 Plugin for V3-4 STI Engine: EJ20K with 3.5Bar Map, Bosch IAT sensor, top mount intercooler Fuel: E85 fuel, ID1000 Injectors running stock fuel pressure Turbo: TD05-18G Problem description Car is very hard to start and when it does eventually start it runs very rough for a few minutes. It eventually runs correctly and then has no further problems until it is started next time. The rough running lasts the longest when the car is cold. While the car is running rough the rev counter is jumping up and down and generally giving erroneous values. This can be seen in the logging data. Background Car ran fine with the Link G4 for a number of years. It was converted to run on E85 with larger injectors etc and then ran fine for a few weeks after being tuned at E&H Motors. The starting problem seemed to occur out of the blue. Findings · The ignition circuit and fuel circuits seem to be working correctly. The problem seems to be coming from the ECU. · While the car is running rough the ignition angle is constantly changing darastically. It sometimes reaches the ignition advance limit. · While running rough the indicated revs are occasionally reaching extremely high values and causing the rev limiter to activate. · While running rough the Trig1 Err counter sometimes counts but only small values up to 30-40. · The problem seems to be related to the Trigger 2 input. · The Trigger 2 Arming voltage indicates a constant voltage of 0.17V while the car is running rough. As soon as this increases to 1.8-3.2V the car begins to idle/run correctly. · Sometimes a Hardware Block 3 Error occurs while the car is running rough and this will often correct itself after the car is running normally for a while. Questions · What is the Trigger 2 Arming Voltage and what could cause this to misbehave? · What is the Hardware Block 3 error status indicating and what could cause this? What does Hardware Block 3 do? · If the Trigger 2 Arming Voltage is incorrect how come the Trig1 Err counter is not reaching much higher values? I understand this is comparing signals from Trigger 1 and Trigger 2. Attached Log File Please review the attached log file. This is logging two cycles where the engine starts up and idles very roughly for a while before returning to a normal idle and then I turn it off and start again. Note the rough idle between 4s and 16s and then the idle smooths out and returns to normal. This perfectly aligns with the Trigger 2 Arming Voltage being 0.17V. The same rough idle happens between 44s and 68s. Also note the Hardware Block 3 Error occurring at 54s. As at 3-07-2016.pcl Log 4-07-17 4;38;58 pm.llg
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