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  1. i Think I did add some confusion by mistakingly saying I’m running a 12-1 trigger, I’m running the standard 12 tooth wheel with all equality spaced teeth, I have contemplated getting a 36-1 trigger wheel from the vvti 1uz but If there was a way to modify my standard 12 tooth wheel for the time being I would go for that option
  2. I’m also not running the original cam sensor
  3. Is that base map for the vvti or non vvti 1uz
  4. Can anyone point me on the right direction for a start file/base tune for a non vvti 1uz, running a monsoon g4x with a coil on plug conversion using the standard 12-1 trigger
  5. Ok so I'm new to his kinda stuff bare that in mind before continueing on The engine is an rb25det and the ecu is a G4+ plugin ok so single step launch control is currently set up on my car with a switch but it's very soft it functions perfectly but I'm not satisfied with it, I want more aggressive pops and bangs, I hardly ever acualy use the launch control for its intended purposes I use it mainly for the sound, I know some people may not agree with that but every man to there own right! just wondering could someone be as kind as to help me out here
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