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  1. thanks for the info adamw, did some test and got the wiring fixed for the map sensor, no fuel cut anymore and ecu is getting a good signal and no fualts being thrown. at idle my afr is at 17 and giving it a little gas makes the afr go all over the place, is there a somewhere i can source a good base map from? im not to sure about the base map it has right now as everything looks good. havent calabrated the map yet though so maybe that could be it, the motors an m52 2.8l single vanos with ID2000cc injectors and a single precision turbo
  2. hey so i just looked at the triggers in the runtime values window and when cranking the rpm sensor is around 160. both triggers are green and say yes, but i am getting two triggor 1 errors, which is my crank sensor, which is a reluctor, also when i crank the motor i get a map limit activated code and in the runtime window with the key on but not cranking the map sensor is in red and says 0v, coud this be a problem stopping the car from firing injectors? just a thought, i appreciate the help!
  3. hey guys as the title states i have an m52b28 turbo with a v88 ecu, car was running before i pulled the motor for a rebuild, didnt mess with the ecu at all just the engine harness when removed, but im trying to start the car again after the build and the injectors are not firing, i was able to do an injector test and all 6 injectors fire when chosen to do so, so does this mean the ecu is not getting the inputs needed to fire the injectors for example cam or crank position sensors? and if so is there a way to verify this on pc? any help would be so very helpfull!
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